Best 5 Commercial Ovens To Buy In 2024 Including A Buyer’s Guide

Change is inevitable and it is constant. Changes can be seen in every aspect of life especially in the area of technology. Innovations and creativity of new kitchen products, appliance or utensils have made cooking activities pleasant and relieving much stress. The oven is one of the essential kitchen appliance used for several important purposes such as cooking, baking, roasting, heating or reheating and grilling of our meals. The commercial oven is used for commercial purposes just as the name implies and these are big ovens that can accommodate a wide range of foods inside. It is usually used by big food vendors and homes with large families.

Choosing and buying a good quality commercial ovens could serve as a challenge to many. A commercial oven that is of less quality would not give you value for your money. In this article, you will understand why it is necessary to have a commercial oven, different types of commercial ovens, important guides for choosing the best and long-lasting commercial ovens in 2024, 5 of the best commercial ovens to buy in 2024 and of course, the pros/cons of each oven.


The Top 3 Commercial Ovens Of 2024

In a hurry? Let me just share with you the top 3 commercial ovens right away: (more details after the table)

Product NameUnique FeaturePrice
GE JGBS66EEKES Sealed Burner Rangecomes with superb electronic control knobs to regulate the amount of heatCheck Price on amazon
CookRite 6 Burners & One Standard Oven six burners, one spacious oven and adjustable stainless legsCheck Price on amazon
CookRite 6 Hotplates & Two Standard Ovenburner burns at a fast speed and the oven has 100% safety shuts offCheck Price on amazon
VBENLEM Commercial Multifunction Ovenperforms several functions like roasting, baking, drying etcCheck Price on amazon
ADCRAFT Electric Countertop Convection Ovenmanual control to ensure there is adequate regulation of temperatureCheck Price on amazon

What Is The History Of The Oven?

Ovens have a long historical background. It is reported that the earliest forms of ovens were created in Central Europe and it can be traced to 29,000 BC. The modern oven has evolved over the years. Prior to the type of oven we have now, meals were roasted and boiled inside a traditional tool called ‘yurts’. The people of old during 20,000+ BC used pits with hot coals that was covered with ashes. The food was carefully wrapped inside leaves and placed on top of the hot coals and covered with sand for it to heat properly.

The oven went through many significant changes during the Middle Ages. There was a shift from the use of earth and ceramic ovens to more convenient innovations. The oven moved from wood, iron, coal, gas and electric. The advancement in technology has had a positive effects on the design and production of ovens. Currently, with the help of engineers, the modern ovens are designed with high technology in order to enhance cooking activities and make it less stressful.

What Are Commercial Ovens?

Ovens are generally referred to as a cooking machine that is shaped like a box having a door. It is where food is baked or heated using electricity or gas. Commercial ovens on the other hand, are kitchen appliance which are built using strong materials and can perform various functions such as heating and reheating, baking, roasting, cooking and grilling functions.

The commercial ovens are constructed with strong materials for them to withstand the enormous demands put on them by their users. Commercial ovens are also referred to as industrial ovens and they are usually used by large food vendors (restaurants’, kitchens), professional bakers or people with very large families.

Why Is It Necessary To Have A Commercial Oven?

If you have ever wanted to ask why is it necessary to have a commercial oven in my restaurant or at home? The answer is that the need for commercial ovens largely depends on your menu items and to a large extent, on your methods of cooking.

There are various important reasons why it is necessary to have a commercial oven and some of these reasons are listed below:

  1. A commercial oven is the best choice for grilling, stir-fry, broiling, heating, warming, simmering, sautéing, braising of meals.
  2. A commercial oven is the best choice when you are preparing a meal for a large number of number. Much food can go inside at once because of its large space.
  3. Commercial ovens are kitchen appliances that are not complex to operate.
  4. By having a commercial oven at home or restaurant, you are accomplishing much kitchen tasks within a short time. This is possible because of the way commercial ovens are built. It is powered by gas fire which enables food to get prepared in a short time.
  5. The commercial oven is widely used by professional bakers for baking delicious cakes. This is because the heat generated by the oven is the most suitable for baking cakes.
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11 Different Types Of Commercial Ovens

There are different types of commercial ovens based on the functions they perform. Having a good knowledge of the type of commercial ovens would give you an edge in choosing the particular one that would meet your needs. The following are the different types of commercial ovens available in 2024:

1. Steam Oven:

The steam oven is a type of commercial oven that functions effectively with water vapour. It is a type of oven that has an age-long history but it has been modernized. The steam oven is built with a water canister which is inside the cavity of the oven. There is a boiler also built in the steam oven where one can fill water into through a pump. The heat generated by the oven automatically turns the water into steam. By this process, the moisture level is of low level thus the need for any addition of oils or seasoning is reduced. It is a good choice to use if you do not want to fry your food. Food cooked or baked with this type of oven retains its flavour and all the vital nutrients embedded in the food. The steam oven is usually used to cook vegetables, meats, rice etc.

2. Convection Oven:

The convection oven is also known as a fan-assisted oven or a fan oven. This is a type of commercial oven that is built with fans which aid in the circulation of air around the food and by extension generating heat evenly. The higher the rate at which the fan blows, the faster the food is cooked. The convection oven is generally used for baking and drying herbs sometimes.

3. Combi Ovens:

Combi is a short form of combination. This type of commercial oven is a combination of convection oven technology and steam oven technology. The Combi ovens are some of the types of ovens usually preferred by professional chefs. They are sophisticated and powerful machines used for roasting, poaching, steaming, grilling, baking, shallow-frying, food smoking etc. The Combi ovens are designed with in-built fans which helps in distributing dry heat just like the standard oven. And the heat is produced evenly around the cabinet. Water can also be poured into the injector which produces steam and the combination of heat and steam facilitates the cooking process and also retains the basic ingredients of the food. This type of commercial oven cooks food pretty faster than other types of oven.

4. Radiant Ovens:

The radiant oven is also called the standard oven and they are the simplest type of commercial ovens one can easily find around. This radiant oven is made up of a heating element at the bottom of the oven which transmits heat into the main cabinet of the oven. It can also be used to cook virtually every kind of food.

5. Conveyor Ovens:

This type of commercial oven is unique in the sense that it is built with a looping conveyor which pulls food into the cabinet. The food is cooked or processed inside the oven by hot air that is blown from the heating elements through a sheet having small holes which are situated above the food. The more the hot air is increased, the faster the food would be cooked.

6. Deck Oven:

The deck oven is similar to the standard ovens but it has some distinct features. The deck ovens are built with strong stone shelf at the bottom and the food gets cooked from the heat on the stone shelf.

7. Cook & Hold Oven:

This type of commercial oven performs two functions. First, it is built with cabinets which hold heated food. The cook and hold ovens usually cook foods at low temperatures.

8. Cheesemelters:

The cheese melters are not as big as other types of ovens but they heat food at very high-temperature levels. As the name implies, the cheese melters are used to melt cheese at a fast rate.

9. Brick Ovens:

The brick ovens are also called stone oven or masonry oven and they are very similar to the deck ovens. This brick oven has a baking chamber which is usually constructed with fireproof brick, concrete, stone, clay or sometimes a cob. They are generally powered by natural gas or electricity.

10. Salamander Broilers:

This type of commercial oven is mostly built small but they are versatile broiler ovens. They are used to cook porks, steaks and other meat. The salamander broiler can be mounted on other ovens for use. And of course, the food is cooked with radiant heat.

11. Rotisserie Ovens:

This type of commercial oven is widely used in restaurants for processing large chunks of meat. The rotisserie oven has a rotating spit which automatically turns the meat as it cooks while preventing it from drying out. It is also designed with a hanging basket which rotates the meat making sure the meat is well cooked all round.

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A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best and Long-lasting Commercial Oven

Choosing the right type of ovens to meet your cooking needs could be a herculean task. Before purchasing a commercial oven, you should take into recognition important factors such as the type of food you would be cooking, heating or baking as the case may be. The following points should serve as a guide when buying a long-lasting commercial oven:

  1. The kind of food operation should determine what type of commercial oven you should choose. For instance, use convection ovens for baking. If baking is the major reason you are intending to buy a commercial oven, then convection type of oven is the best choice. The reason is that convection ovens produces hot air evenly inside the cabinet which makes baking to be accomplished in a very short time. Using the wrong type of commercial oven for food operation could get your food burnt or reduce the life-span of the oven.
  2. Another guide for choosing the best long-lasting commercial oven should be the size and capacity of the oven. The sizes of commercial ovens differ. For instance, the salamander broilers are much smaller than rotisserie ovens. The rotisserie oven can accommodate a larger amount of meat than the salamander broilers. Depending on what you need the oven for and the number of food items that will go in, you will have to consider the size you want.
  3. Another factor to be considered should be if the oven uses gas or electricity. Determining what powers the commercial oven would go along to know the extent of its usage. Plus, it would prepare your mind for what you would go through with it.
  4. Before using a commercial oven, it is important the user reads the manufacturer’s manual. Having a good knowledge of how to operate the oven would reduce unnecessary tampering with its functions and by extension increase the life-span of the oven.
  5. Look out for the quality of the commercial oven. Not all oven can perform tasks over a long period of time. Some are made to withstand large scale activities. A commercial oven that is not built for rigid activities would become faulty if it is overloaded with much cooking or heating.
  6. As a buyer, you should check for the originality of the product. A product that is substandard would definitely not last long. There are verified or authorized dealers/distributors of commercial ovens and it is wise to buy from these distributors. Choosing a good product you can vouch for is very important.
  7. Test the commercial oven before buying or right after it gets to your home. Sometimes, the oven might be faulty even before the first use. If it’s faulty, you can always ask for a replacement as long as there’s a warranty on it. Ensure the oven is functioning well before settling to start using it.
  8. Anytime the oven develops any fault, seek for experts who can repair it instead of taking it to quacks or trying it yourself with no knowledge of it. Experts would know the real problem and fix it without tampering with the functionality of the oven which may damage the oven completely.
  9. Proper and regular maintenance of commercial ovens would make them serve you better and last longer. You have to get an oven you can easily maintain.
  10. You have to understand the features of the commercial ovens you intend to buy. There are features and functions of ovens you would like. Knowing what the oven can do would determine its usage.
  11. Another factor you have to consider before buying a commercial oven is usability. A commercial oven of your choice should be easy to use. Especially as not everyone is experts in operating the commercial ovens. It would be a wise thing to choose an oven that is not complex.
  12. When choosing a commercial oven, you should consider how you would clean it when it is stained. For this, you don’t need an oven that would stress you out totally when cleaning.
  13. You should consider the cost of maintenance of the commercial oven you intend to buy. For instance, do not buy a commercial oven that its spare parts are very expensive when you know you do not have enough money to run the extra expenses.
  14. You also have to consider the availability of its spare parts in the market. There might be some commercial ovens whose spare parts are scarce to find in certain locations.

5 of the Best Commercial Ovens to Buy in 2024

The commercial ovens have evolved with innovative technology which has made cooking faster. Several commercial ovens are out there in the market but these five (5) products are ovens that have hit the mark and are loved by many. Anyone you settle for is just perfect for you to have in your kitchen or restaurants.

1. GE JGBS66EEKES Sealed Burner Range


Description of this item:

The GE Sealed Burner Range is a modern commercial oven which is properly designed to meet your cooking demands. This product is self-cleaning which has precise simmer burner to allow you to cook your meals with low, even heat. It comes with superb electronic control knobs to regulate the amount of heat you need for cooking or baking.

The four-burner ranger allows you to cook four meals simultaneously which makes cooking to be accomplished faster. There is a spacious oven cabinet which allows for an adequate amount of cakes, bread etc. The sealed cooktop burners are made up of spills which makes cleaning quick and easy.

Features of this item:

The GE Sealed Burner Range has the following features:

  • It has a weight of 172 pounds
  • The product dimension is 28.75 x 30 x 47.25 inches
  • Its colour is slate
  • The burner type is gas
  • Traditional thermal baking technology
  • Electronic knob controls
  • Self-clean oven cavity
  • It has four heating elements
  • The fuel type is gas
  • The material type is iron
  • It has a sealed burner range as included components.
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By clicking this link, you can get to the Amazon page and learn more about the product. You’ll also find other users reviews and can place your order if it’s what you want.

2. CookRite ATO-6B Commercial Manual Liquid Propane Range 6 Burners & One Standard Oven


Description of this item:

The CookRite ATO-6B is a standard commercial oven which consists of six burners and one spacious oven that allow you to cook, heat food or makes cookies and other baked foods. This product comes with control knobs which enables you to control the temperature you’ll need.

The stainless steel structure makes it easy to clean. The adjustable stainless legs are made to meet the heights of the users. And the cast iron top grates are designed to allow for grease to flow in the proper zone.

Features of this item:

The CookRite brand has the following amazing features:

  • This product has dimensions of 36 x 31 x 56 inches
  • It has a removable door
  • The item weight is 406 pounds
  • It has six (6) burner hot plates
  • It has a spacious oven
  • This oven is made up of metal knobs to give you the best usage experience
  • It comes with an adjustable stainless steel legs
  • It comes in a stainless steel structure
  • The oven is built with cast iron top grates.
CookRite-ATO-6B-Commercial-Manual-Liquid-Propane-Range-6 -Burner-Hot-Plate-With-1-Standard-Oven-36
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If this oven catches your fancy and you know it would serve you just as you want, click this link to get to the Amaz page. There you would find more information on it and also make your purchase.

3. CookRite ATO-6B24G Commercial with 6 Burner Hotplates & Two Standard Ovens


Description of this item:

The CookRite ATO Commercial liquid oven was manufactured in 2018 which makes it relatively new in the market. It is a standard commercial oven that provides a wide range of functions to make the cooking experience stress-free. This product is designed with a two-spacious standard griddle oven that can contain a large number of your cakes, fishes, meat etc.

The burner burns at a fast speed and the oven has 100% safety shuts off. This product is built with durable stainless steel which prevents it from rust and makes it easier to clean after usage. You do not have to scrub so hard to remove stains.

The independently-controlled knobs make it easy for you to control the volume of heat needed to cook your food. Chefs will find this product useful because of the six burners. You can use all the burners at once to cook a variety of meals. The issue of wasting much time in cooking is all gone when you have this product at home or in your restaurant.

Features of this item:

The CookRite ATO Commercial liquid standard oven has the following amazing features:

  • Two 24” Manual Griddle standard ovens
  • Oven burner is rated at 27,000 BTU/hr
  • It is built with oven pilot – 100% safety shut off
  • Durable stainless steel body structure
  • It is built with a removable door
  • Independently controlled knobs
  • Adjustable legs
  • This product dimension is 56.3 x 31 x 60 inches
  • It is weighed 734 pounds
  • It comes with 6 burner hotplates.
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By clicking this link, you can get to the product page on Amazon where you would find more information about it and also make your purchase.

4. VBENLEM 110V Commercial Multifunction Convection Oven


Description of this item:

The VBENLEM 110V Commercial Convection Oven is a masterpiece which performs several functions. This product has a digital display which powers the digital board. It has functional buttons that control or regulates the inside light, grilling, time, convection system, temperature and baking process. The oven is equipped with 4 trays which makes it very easy for baking cakes, tarts, cookies and so much more. The case of this product is stainless steel which makes it easier to clean.

This product is designed with thickened tempered glass, stainless steel interior which is corrosion-resistant and makes it rustless, thermostable and easier to clean. The large capacity makes it easy to prepare meals that can serve 10-15 persons. With the intelligent control panel, the user has precise control of temperature and time by micro-computer. It also has a food surface heating function which is optional for use.

The oven also comes with spray function which can be used when using the air convection function and the temperature must reach 120oC. The spray function also helps the appliance to maintain the humidity of the heat inside the oven which enhances the better taste of the food. The circulating heating function makes food get heated more evenly. The thickened tempered glass also provides a strong heat insulation performance and prevents explosion that could result from high temperature.

Features of this item:

This product is made up of exciting features and they are listed below:

  • It is a multifunctional convection oven perfect for roasting, baking, drying, steaming, defrosting, reheating, etc. This oven is widely used to bake cookies, cakes, tarts, macaron, drying vegetables and fruits, grilling chickens, pizzas, steaming fish and lots more. This is just perfect for both home and commercial use.
  • It can circulate heat more evenly
  • The grill function and convection function are integrated into one powerful oven which offers two different modes of choice to meet your different needs.
  • It comes in intelligent control knobs,s three rotary buttons that allow precise control of temperature.
  • It is made up of an explosion-proof layer
  • Corrosion & rust resistant
  • It is made up of a cleaning layer
  • It has energy accreting grid and convection combo
  • This product is designed with a tempered glass
  • The VBENLEM 110V commercial oven has a timing display
  • It comes in convection temperature
  • It has a steam/light
  • This product is designed with a grill temperature
  • It comes in 4-tier large capacity (60 litres)
  • Its weight is 97 pounds
  • It has one convection toaster oven
  • It comes in one bread clip
  • The machine dimensions are 26.6” x 25.2” x 19.7” (657x640x500mm)
  • It comes with a spray function to make food more tender and delicious.
  • This product is built with an intelligent memory.
  • It has 4 trays and one bread shovel
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This particular oven has got very good reviews from its users and the reason is not far away. Head over to this link to see more about it and also place your order on the amazon page.

5. ADCRAFT Electric Countertop Convection Oven

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Description of this item:

The Adcraft Electric Countertop Convection Oven is a kitchen appliance that one should have in the kitchen. This product is portable enough for our countertops. It comes with 120 minutes timer which keeps the user in check when cooking or baking food and makes it almost impossible for the food to get burnt.

The interior light also makes it easy to see inside the cabinet even at night. The manual control ensures there is adequate regulation of temperature and the stainless steel body makes it very easy to clean when it is stained.

Features of this item:

This electric oven has the following features:

  • This product dimension is 26 x 25.5 x 25 inches
  • It is weighed 88 pounds
  • It comes in a 120-570oF temperature range
  • The oven is designed with double wall glass doors
  • It has manual control knobs
  • It is designed with 120-minute timer and interior lighting
  • This product is half size convection oven with heavy-duty stainless steel
  • It has a small footprint design for all countertops
  • This product cabinet can accommodate up to half size sheet pans
  • It comes in 12 amps and 2670 watts

Click this link to get to the product page on Amazon where you can learn more about it and make your order.

The Pros And Cons of Each Oven

1. GE Sealed Burner Range
  • It cooks food evenly
  • The oven is sure ti produce consistent heat which cooks food faster
  • It is quite affordable and you would get good value for your money
  • It is easy to operate
  • Burners are sealed which could make it difficult to clean
  • Its oven cabinet is not spacious
  • It is made up of iron which could rust
  • This oven is powered by gas which requires extra care to avoid an accident.
2. CookRite ATO-6B Commercial Manual Liquid Propane Range 6 Burner
  • It has a spacious oven
  • It cooks food faster
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  • Its stainless steel body could generate extra heat
  • It consumes more gas when the six burners and oven are working at the same time.
  • The oven might not be ideal for professional bakers who require more space for baking.
3. CookRite ATO-6B24G Commercial Liquid Standard Oven
  • It is suitable for large cooking
  • The oven and burner cooks food fast and evenly
  • Its ovens are very spacious to take large food items
  • It may consume more gas
  • It requires much space at home or restaurant
  • The item is a little expensive if you are looking for an oven on a budget
4. The VBENLEM 110V Commercial Convection Oven
  • It cooks food super fast and the heat goes evenly
  • It is portable and so it won’t occupy space
  • The oven is a combination of a convection oven and steam oven which makes it performs many functions.
  • It may be hard to be properly repaired when it develops a fault
  • Its oven is not too spacious
  • It is not suitable to use for massive cooking due to space
  • The product is quite fragile and requires extra care to handle.
5. Adcraft Electric Countertop Convection Oven
  • It uses electricity which makes it a lot safer
  • It is very portable and doesn’t occupy much space
  • The oven cooks food faster and spreads heat evenly
  • It is not suitable for massive cooking
  • It cannot be used if there is no electricity.
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The importance of having a commercial oven at home or in your restaurant cannot be overemphasized. A commercial oven will perform a wide range of functions such as baking, cooking, warming, grilling etc. The five (5) commercial ovens reviewed in this article are perfect for any restaurant or home use that requires cooking for many people.

They are obviously the best commercial ovens of 2024 because of the amazing functions they perform. Despite their pros and cons, these commercial ovens would definitely relieve you from some of the stress associated with cooking large meals.

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