Can I Put My Crockpot In The Oven?

Crockpots are many things in one; they have removable ceramic dishes that fit into their bases for ease of cleaning, a base that is fully equipped with controls and a heating element, as well as a lid and possibly others accessories too. The various parts of a crockpot are made up of different substances which confer on them different characteristics and resistance to heat.

On whether you can put an entire crockpot in the oven or not, a most suitable answer will consider the materials from which it is produced. This simply implies that you may not be able to safely put the entire crockpot in the oven, but rather some parts of it.

If however, after checking the manufacturer’s instruction, you are informed that the whole crockpot is oven-friendly, then you can go ahead. Even in cases where you can put your crockpot in the oven, you still can be limited by the amount of heat it can tolerate. In other words, you may be able to put it in the oven for up to a certain allowable temperature limit and not beyond. So, yes, you can put your entire crockpot in the oven, if the production manual says so, and using a certain temperature level and time.

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Is it safe to put a crockpot in the oven?

Whether it is safe or not to put your crockpot in the oven depend on many things. For instance, its lining may be affected by extreme temperatures in the oven and so may other ceramic parts too. If the crockpot has some of its parts made of substances that are not safe for oven heating, then it will certainly not be safe to put it in the oven.

But, don’t attempt to put the base (that houses the electrical part) into the oven to avoid any fire hazard. If all its others parts are heat resistant, then there is nothing to worry about. Find that out before anything in the user manual of the crockpot you buy.

Why would one want to put a crockpot in the oven?

Crockpots are meant to cook food slowly, but when it is getting to mealtime and the meal isn’t ready, one may want to hasten up the process by moving the food part into the oven. Another common reason why people do this is for the top of their meals to get that nice and crusty look after preparation. And then there is the need for some people to use the ceramic part of the crockpot as a casserole dish in the oven.

But, whatever reason you may have for wanting to place the crockpot in the oven, be sure you are only placing in the part of the utensil that is oven-safe.

Is it okay to put the ceramic dish part of a crockpot in the oven?

Of course, you can put the ceramic dish part of your crockpot in the oven. To be able to do this effectively, you may have to use a foil to cover its top. The heat from the oven is gradual enough to be just fine for use on a stoneware insert, but never use the broiler with it when doing this.

Can crockpot liner go into the oven?

Liners help make slow cooking a lot less messy. The liners that come with the crockpot itself are made of nylon resin and can be used in the oven for safe cooking at a normal temperature setting. But the slow cooker liners are not really meant to be used in the oven. I believe these ones are lighter in texture than the ones from Crockpot™; you should avoid using them in the oven to prevent any fire incidents. To be certain of what best to do, always refer to your user manual for crockery cooking tolerances and preferences.

Can crockpot stoneware go in the oven?

Yes, they can because most crocks inside slow cookers are usually made from enamelled earthen clay (crockery stoneware). In other words, they have been fired up in a high-temperature kiln, sometimes even twice, to enable them to withstand temperatures not exceeding 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Occasionally, however, the stoneware may be made of other substances and so, to be certain that you are doing the right thing, always refer to your user manual before doing something that may lead to regrets.

Can crockpot insert go in the oven?

Yes, you can put your crockpot insert in either an oven or even a microwave, but certainly not on a cooking stove. Using the insert in the oven is more recommended if you do not set the temperature of the oven beyond the safe range of stoneware temperature compatibility.

All crockpot slow cooker removable inserts can be used very safely in either the microwave or the oven,  provided they are not set at more than 400 degrees Fahrenheit. In all such cases, the use of the enclosed manual will guide you effectively throughout.

Are crockpot bowls oven-safe?

Yes, crockpot bowls are usually safe for oven use. This is basically because most crockpot bowls are made up of materials,  like heated clay,  that are resistant to heat, at least up to a certain degree. Provided you do not exceed this limit, you can put them in the oven, but to be doubly sure, check what your user manual says.

Are crockpot lids oven-safe?

No, crockpot lids are mostly not oven-safe. Especially as they are manufactured with substances that can get either denatured or even melt under extreme heat as may be prevalent in ovens. The user manual can also help in this case too, so refer to it when you want to be sure that the one you got is safe or not.

What is the best oven temperature to put a crockpot in?

The highest possible temperature for a crockpot is about three hundred (300) degrees Celsius. However, a slow cooker should have a temperature of about two hundred (200) degrees Celsius, while the high setting should be up to three hundred degrees Celsius. Temperatures between the range of forty to one hundred and forty degrees are regarded as poor for the oven because bacteria and other microbes are bound to thrive in these temperatures, which may cause decay of the food if it stays for long in them.

How long should I leave my crockpot in the oven?

If you set your crockpot high, it will take about three to four hours for it to stabilize at 209 degrees Fahrenheit, but on the low setting, it can take up to seven or eight hours. When using the warm setting, the temperature should remain between 165 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. All in all, the length of time should be between three to eight hours depending on the setting, as well as the type of food you are processing.

Are there foods one must not cook in a crockpot?

Yes, there are. It is not recommended that you cook certain foods in a crockpot to avoid unnecessary wastes or poor cooking because of the time factor. Such foods are:

  • Dairy products like milk, cream, cheese, sour cream, yoghurt and so on.
  • Couscous. If you cook couscous in a  crockpot, it will most likely become mushy and possibly unappetizing too.
  • Rice.
  • Pasta.
  • Boneless chicken breast.
  • Delicate veggies and so on.

How to clean a crockpot after use in the oven

With repeated uses, your crockpot is bound to accumulate residue and stains in it. When this happens, the following steps will help you to clean it up:

  1. First, you should fill up your crockpot with water above any residue line and allow it to soften.
  2. Then, add a little vinegar usually about half a cup for every three-quart slow cooker, or one cup for a six-quart slow cooker.
  3. Also, add baking powder, but a little at a time. You should preferably use half a cup of baking powder for a three-quart slow cooker or one cup for a six-quart slow cooker, just like you did with vinegar.
  4. Cover the pot and allow the residue to simmer and soften in about one hour at least.
  5. Allow the crockpot to cool down, then wash it either in your sink or dishwasher, since most of its components are dishwasher-safe.
  6. Where you come up against stubborn residue, you can clean such by applying a dense paste of baking soda and lemon juice, before scrubbing it with a soft piece of cloth or towel.

A different approach is used when cleaning the base of your crockpot, this is because the base is an electrical appliance that must not be immersed in water or cleaned with an abrasive substance. In essence, after every use, allow the base to cool before using a soft cloth, sponge or rubber spatula and a small amount of soapy water to wipe it down. For stubborn stains, spray it with a non-abrasive cleaning product. Vinegar, baking soda or lemon paste can also help in cleaning the crockpot base.

can crock pots go in the oven?


A crockpot is a great tool for any home cook. They cook food slowly, helping it to stay tender and retain moisture. You can use some parts in the oven as long as you are certain that the one you bought is oven-safe.

However, in order to avoid complaints and difficulties during use in the oven or even washing, you are always advised to be very careful in your choice of the materials from which they are manufactured. You can check out this Express crock multi-cooker on Amazon, as it’s one of the crockpots many people swear by.

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