Can I Dehydrate Fruits In The Oven?

You have an oven, you enjoy baking with it, cooking, grilling and sometimes drying herbs and some foods there; and then you have fruits you do not want to go to waste or you simply want to store up for later without risk of spoilage; then you start wondering how you can preserve it. Of course, the first thing that would come to your mind is the idea of drying them. As it is common knowledge that fruits can actually be dehydrated to keep them longer. But then you begin to imagine if your oven can do that efficiently or if you have to go through buying and using a food dehydrator.

If you fall into this category, this post if for you. Here you will see if you can dehydrate fruits in the oven, see more answers to related questions and also recommendations of the best ovens to try to dry fruits in.


4 Ovens That Can Dehydrate Fruits

In a hurry? Let me just share with you the best 4 ovens of 2021 which you can use to dehydrate fruits efficiently right away: (more details after the table)

Product NameFeaturesPrice
Calphalon Cool-touch Countertop OvenCheck Price on amazon
10-in-1 Stainless Steel Toaster, Oven and Air Fryer Combo with 7 Accessories & RecipeSee allCheck Price on amazon
8-in-1 Compact Stainless Steel Digital Air Fryer, Toaster, Dehydrator OvenSee allCheck Price on amazon
Multi-Function Mini Oven with Precise Temperature Control & Timer for Baking, Cooking, Drying FruitsSee allCheck Price on amazon

Can Fruits Be Dehydrated In The Oven?

Yes, fruits can be dehydrated in the oven. It can be done without posing a health risk to its safety as long as it is done properly. Dehydrating fruits in the oven is geared towards preserving it for diverse purposes. Dehydration itself has to do with the removal of the moisture content of fruits. This process alone is enough to keep your fruits for as long as possible without risking spoilage. Fruits are mostly fresh but when left for a long time, they can decay because of their moisture content. Dehydrating them in an oven will help preserve them by avoiding decay and activities of microbes.

The oven is a good place to dehydrate them if you do not have a dehydrator. Ovens are good for this because the temperature can be uniform and the fruits will be dehydrated evenly. By using gas or other elements as fuel, heat is generated and transferred around the oven, enabling it to dehydrate fruits fast and efficiently. The moisture content of the fruit also plays a key role in heat transfer which makes it easier.

How To Dehydrate Fruits In The Oven?

Dehydrating fruits in the oven may be either for preservation or other purposes. For whatever reason you are choosing to dry your fruits and keep them for long, there are some simple steps that you can take to dehydrate fruit in the oven. Follow this process and you should have your dry fruits ready for storage and future use in no time:

  1. First, slice the fruit into a neatly equal slice. It is important to do this to ensure that the temperature is evenly distributed. This will also ensure that they are dehydrated properly and at the same time.
  2. Your oven’s tray has to be clean since you are dehydrating fresh fruits. It should be washed and dried even if you are dehydrating other things. You do not want to contaminate your fruits in the drying process.
  3. Place the fruits in the oven’s tray and maintain an even distance between each slice. This would help distribute heat evenly among the drying fruits.
  4. Remember to select the “dehydrate” option on your oven because using a normal setting will be too harsh for the fruits.
  5. Set the time for 30 minutes to allow for checking at intervals and for dehydration to take place. Keep increasing the time by 30 minutes until you get what you want.
  6. Check it at intervals to turn it over if the heat is not going round. Once it is dried to the texture you want, you can get it out. If it is not completely dried, you can add extra 5 minutes or more/less until you get what you need.
  7. Get them out of the oven and allow the fruits to cool down before pouring them into jars or any container where you would be storing them.
How long does it take to dehydrate fruits in the oven?

Dehydrating fruits in the oven may take between 2 to 6 hours at a temperature of 200 F. To ensure even dehydration, stir the fruit slices at 30 minutes. interval to distribute the heat. Remember that hey should be properly spaced on the rack. Some fruits can be dehydrated faster depending on the quantity of moisture that it contains.

Are oven-dried fruits healthy?

Oven-dried fruits are healthy for many reasons. They are dried in the oven, which is an enclosure and the heat in an oven is safe for our foods. It is unlike sun-drying which can expose the fruits to contamination from dirt and germs. When the heat of the oven is well regulated, it will not lose any of its vital nutrients. No doubt fruits and other things dried in an oven are healthy for the body.

Things To Look Out For When Choosing An Oven For Fruits

If you are looking forward to dehydrating your fruits, you need a suitable oven to get it done efficiently. An oven that won’t make you wait all day to get your fruits dried; or even an oven that will dry your fruits properly and ensure they stay very long. You do not want to get an oven that would make you regret your choice afterwards. For this reason, try to keep the below points in mind when you want to get an oven that would serve you all around. See some things that you should consider when choosing an oven especially for fruits:

  1. A multifunctional oven

    Ovens that perform more than the usual “baking only” function would definitely favour you more. With such an oven, you can have different cooking options at your fingertips and get things done faster whenever you are in the kitchen. This would definitely save you time and energy always.


  2. Oven Size

The oven you should choose must be able to fit into your kitchen or the place of use. Size matters in ensuring that you make use of it comfortably. Ensure that you carry out a measurement of the size of the oven and the size of the space you want it to be placed in before choosing any.

  1. Oven Capacity

Some fruit dehydration oven can take a large number of fruits at a time as their racks are bigger in size. However, it all depends on what you want. You can have an oven for domestic or industrial purposes so whatever you need it for, consider the number of items it can carry at once. Instead of having a little oven that would take you long and tiring hours to dry a few fruits, simply settle for a bigger one and get everything done once and for all.

  1. Control and Safety

The oven should be easy to use. The control should not be a complex system. Things like the temperature regulation and power on and off should be very clear and easy to operate because you will be using those features more often. Your safety comes first in any product you choose so features that can protect users should be considered.

  1. Added features and price

The most important thing that can make the price of an oven for fruit drying worth it is its features. The more features an oven has, the more willing you should be to pay higher for it. Features such as touch buttons, a screen to be able to monitor fruits that are being dehydrated and much more, are good features that should help you decide whether an oven is worth buying at any price.

  1. More positive reviews

Some oven brands are known to be reliable but that may not last long as subsequent product quality may drop. So always check to know what other users feel about your preferred brand before concluding on choosing an oven for dehydrating fruits.

The Best 4 Ovens To Dry Your Fruits Effectively

If you are looking for the best ovens you can buy to enjoy baking, grilling, cooking and also drying your fruits, herbs and more, I have got the perfect recommendations for you. These ovens are very effective in carrying out different cooking functions and they tick most of the boxes earlier mentioned. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Calphalon Cool-touch Countertop Oven

With a dimension of 21.68 X 20.3 X 15.8 inches, this Calphalon oven that is made of glass material is enough to dry your fruits to perfection. It works to dehydrate fruits through a quartz heat technology with turbo convection. The heat is evenly distributed and your fresh fruits can be properly dehydrated with ease. It offers other functions which you would definitely find useful.


Features of the Calphalon Cool touch countertop Oven
  • It has a cool-touch exterior that keeps the outside of the oven a lot cooler than the inside. While the turbo convection delivers 40% more even and faster heat, the cool touch cools the exterior by 75%.
  • You may like to look through the oven as it dehydrates cooks or reheats food. This is made possible by a built-in interior light that allows you to track the cooling process.
  • The oven has a baking pan and dehydration basket where you can put food for cooking, reheating, dehydrating etc. It also has a touch screen button that has a control LCD remote, providing exceptional control.
  • Its interior is non-sticky and it can be easily cleaned.
  • This provides a Quartz Heat Technology with Turbo Convection that delivers 40% more even heat and preheats faster compared to conventional tube heating element.
  • It has 12 preset cooking functions for Toast, Bagel, Bake, Roast, Broil, Pizza, Cookies, Reheat, Dehydrate, Keep Warm, Defrost, and Bread Proof.
  • With this over, you can easily program two back-to-back cooking functions at once with the Step Cook function. This would save you time and ensure your foods get cooked faster.
  • The premium glass door design provides a sleek and modern look to also ensure that you can see your fruits in there while they dry. The built-in interior light also allows you to track cooking progress.
  • The large capacity oven fits up to a 12-inch pizza; which is the perfect size for fitting in a lot of fruits at once.
  • When you purchase this oven, you get some included accessories like baking pan, 12-inch pizza pan, dehydrate basket, wire rack, and crumb tray.


You can get this by clicking this link to go to the amazon page. There you would learn more about it, see reviews of others and also place your order.

  1. CKOZESE 1700W 10-in-1 Stainless Steel Toaster, Oven and Air Fryer Combo with 7 Accessories & Recipe Included

The CKOZESE Oven combo is made of stainless steel and has a dimension of 18.43X 17.09 X 17.72 inches. One special thing about the oven is that it makes room for varieties of things. It can serve as a toaster, air fryer and oven; you are sure to get the best out of it for personal or semi-industrial use.


  • The air fryer oven comes with cooking options numbering up to 10. Users can preset them for dehydration, bread, pizza among others.
  • The oven has large countertop convection. The interior is spacious enough for 12 Pizzas and 6 bread slice or a 5.5lb chicken so you can make plenty of food for the entire family. It is also ideal for dehydrating huge slices of fruits too.
  • Using its two-speed convection fan, there is more cooking control. Its natural convection provides a greater volume of air to ensure fast and even heat distribution, perfect for air frying, dehydration and roasting.
  • It also ensures that heat is evenly distributed when food materials are placed in the oven as it has four heating tubes in the top and two heating tubes in the bottom to guarantee that.
  • There is a built-in 60mins timer and it has a 150-450 degree Fahrenheit temperature controller. You are sure of no overheating because its auto-shutoff function helps to regulate the temperature.
  • There is a digital screen that displays cooking information to users.
  • It has an Enamel liner coated with Teflon, a removable crumb tray and rack that can be removed for cleaning and replacement.
  • The oven comes with 10 preset cooking options that vary from dehydration, bread, pizza, steaks, chicken, etc.
  • This oven has 5 cooking functions some of which include: dehydrating, baking, broiling, toasting, and heating. 
  • The 1700W powerful output countertop convection oven is designed to cook up to 20% faster than others. And it helps to efficiently cook food in the healthiest way possible by cutting over 85% of fats.
  • The inner liner of the oven has diamond-shaped protrusions to help radiate heat so that the heat is evenly wrapped around the food. 
  • It has non-slip knobs, provides precision control over time, temperature, and also functions.
  • With this you can bake, broil, toast, bagel, reheat, pizza, and dehydrate foods to make healthy snacks for everyone especially dried fruits, dried vegetables, dried meat etc.
  • It comes with a broiler rack, rotisserie fork, removable crumb tray, air fry basket, baking pan, oven rack, round basket, recipe, etc, to satisfy all your daily cooking needs.
  • The wide oven allows you to clearly see the state of the food with internal lights too.
  • The stainless steel metal door has anti-scald handles and buffer hinges to prevent burns when opening.


By clicking this link, you would be taken to the Amazon page where you can learn more about it before making a purchase.

  1. 8-in-1 Compact Stainless Steel Digital Air Fryer, Toaster, Dehydrator Oven

This Digital Oven comes in a sleek silver colour and has a dimension of 13 X 11 X 13 inches of steel material. It is quite spacious for heating and dehydration of foods so you are making a wise kitchen investment with this. It is portable, doesn’t occupy too much space and would definitely give you the drying satisfaction you need for your fruits and more.


  • What makes the 8-in-1 countertop oven unique are features such as air fryer, toaster, boiler, microwave oven, rotisserie, and dehydrator.
  • It has a removable crumb tray, air fry basket, baking pan, and oven pan that can be used for a wide range of purposes. They can also be cleaned thoroughly and replaced.
  • The mini convection oven, through the internal 3-tier grill, has an interior that makes room for 4 slices of bread or 15 chicken wings.
  • The 8-in-1 countertop oven comes with features which include: Air Fryer, Toaster, Broiler, Baking, Rotisserie, Dehydrator and Microwave oven.
  • It comes with 8 preset cooking options that vary from bread, pizza, thaw, steaks, chicken.
  • The 1250W powerful countertop convection oven is designed to circulate warm air and enable 30% faster cooking time.
  • This convection toaster oven comes with Natural Convection and NTC Temperature Sensor which provides 50% more air than average and controls each 1 degree of temperature change to ensure fast and even heat distribution. And this is perfect for air frying, baking and roasting.
  • It helps to cook food most healthily by 85% fat reduction.
  • In this oven, 14 functions are integrated on the panel, including a 10-60min timer with an auto-shutoff function to prevent overcooking.
  • It has adjustable temperature control from 150 °F to 450 °F and the LCD shows current temperature and remaining cooking time.
  • The liner of the small oven has 70 diamond-shaped protrusions to help radiate heat so that the heat is evenly wrapped around the food. There are 4 steel heating tubes on the top and 2 heating tubes on the bottom, so that heating speed increased by 30%, the food can say goodbye to half-baked.


Go through this link to see the product on Amazon, see more details, reviews and place your order.

4. Multi-Function Mini Oven with Precise Temperature Control & Timer for Baking, Cooking, Drying Fruits

If you are looking for a very convenient and powerful mini oven that can bake, cook and also dry your foods, this one is your best shot. It is a multifunctional mini oven that can handle a lot of your cooking needs and do that very efficiently.


  • This is a 12-litre mini-oven with 3 layers of baking space and 3D curved inner cavity design.
  • The oven is energy-saving and power-saving with a double stainless steel heating tube up and down, power 1500W, fast heating.
  • Timer and temperature control is made available for you to set and get to do other things while waiting for the bell.
  • It has an anti-scalding handle that can be held without fear. With a multi-faced cooling hole design to effectively protect the body.
  • It has a non-stick baking pan, easy to grill and clean.
  • Some more cool things it has include thick stainless steel shell, effective thermal insulation and temperature lock, explosion-proof tempered glass door, high-temperature resistance, thermally insulated footpads, stable non-slip and also an element that makes it easy to dissipate heat.

If this looks like the kind of oven you need, click this link to be taken to the page on Amazon. There you can read more about it, see reviews and make your purchase.


Dehydrating fruits using an oven is safe and healthy. You just need the right oven to get things in place. What determines which oven is right for you to do this depends on your preferences and the factors discussed here. Most ovens are good in heat generation but added features are what make one oven better for dehydrating fruits than others.

On the other hand, if you do not want to use the oven for this function but want to stick to a food dehydrator, check out this post on 5 Portable Mini Food Dehydrators To Buy For Travel Use In 2021 to choose the best dehydrator you can efficiently use to dry fruits, meat and other things.

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