What To Serve With Tandoori Chicken?

Indian foods are so rich in taste, am I right???

Tandoori chicken is one of those Indian-originated foods that have successfully gained international fame. This wonderfully spiced dish deserves it.

Now if you want to prepare tandoori chicken for dinner tonight, you might be thinking, what side dish should you pair with it?

What to serve with tandoori chicken?

You can serve the tandoori chicken with various sources of carbohydrates. You can choose naan bread, pita bread, french fries, fried rice, biryani, samosa, or tamarind rice to serve with it. If you want to reduce carbs in your diet, you can pair the tandoori chicken with cauliflower rice or a simple salad.

Check out this list and pick your favorite one to try at home!

Tamarind Rice

Indian tandoori chicken with fresh naan and tamarind rice

There are different kinds of rice in this world.

Each of them can be crafted into a tasteful dish.

If you love rice, maybe you can prep tamarind rice to pair with your tandoori chicken.

Naan Bread

Indian Indian traditional tortillas pita bread, with herbs, olive oil and garlic.

Of course, they’re a match!

Naan bread can go with various cuisines, especially the ones with rich flavor.

French Fries

In a hurry?

Maybe spare 5 minutes to fry some shoe strings?

Yes, you can eat tandoori chicken with french fries, especially for a ‘casual’ dinner.

Fried Rice

Sometimes the fried version of a carbs source taste so good, am I right?

Rice is a source of carbs.

And they become so good when converted into the fried version. Of course don’t forget about the herbs, spices, and seasoning.

Oh, and BTW, you can pair tandoori chicken with fried rice!


Salads are easy to make and you can use various sauces or dressings to serve it with!

Pairing a tandoori chicken with salad is not only easy but also healthy!

If you’re trying to reduce carbs in your diet, maybe you can skip the carbs-loaded dishes and pair your protein with veggies instead!

Salad is a way to go!


Homemade Fried Indian Samosas with Mint Chutney Sauce

Don’t forget this crispy tasty dish!

Samosa is soooo good!!

And you can pair it with tandoori chicken!

You can make samosa ahead of time so if you love food prepping, maybe you can try this option.



How can we not include this in the list?!

Biryani is so tasty and you can pair it with various kinds of chicken dishes, including the tandoori chicken!


Let’s include pita bread in the list!

Pita bread is quite different from naan. But you can choose any of them to accompany your tandoori chicken!

Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower Rice is a great plant-based side dish for Tandoori Chicken

Do you love rice but want to ditch the real carbs?

Hmm… maybe you can try cauliflower rice.

This looks similar to rice, but it has a significantly lower amount of calories!

Don’t forget that you can serve it next to your tandoori chicken!

What To Serve With Tandoori Chicken?

What To Serve With Tandoori Chicken?


  • tamarind rice

  • naan bread

  • french fries

  • fried rice

  • fresh salad

  • samosa

  • biryani

  • pita

  • cauliflower rice


  • Pick your favorite idea
  • Gather the needed ingredients and prepare the dish
  • Serve and enjoy it with your tandoori chicken!

Do you like the ideas?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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