10 Gardening Hacks You Might Want To Try Someday


Gardening is one of those creative hobbies that requires patience and diligence.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do a little smart move to make your life easier.

Down below I have just gathered 10 brilliant gardening tips to help you make gardening fun and so much easier! These gardening hacks are super easy to follow and SUPER CHEAP! So everyone can do it!
Go check them out!

Use eggshells as seedling pots

Got some idle eggshells from the kitchen? Great!

Eggshells are super rich in calcium which is great for the soil and of course, for your plant growth.

So, instead of throwing those eggshells away, you can make some DIY tiny pots that are healthy for the plant and absolutely super cheap!

Chop the top, plant the plant seed inside and give some water.
You can also mark each “pot” to help you distinguish the plants.

Oh.. and of course, you can add an egg carton as a base so you can move them together easily.

tips from Squawkfox

Use a lemon peel as a cute little planter

Tip from My Roman Apartment

Citrus fruits are amazing!

One of the most popular citrus fruits is lemon. You can use it to make lemonade, you can zest it on the top of your cake, and you can also use the juice to add flavor to your salad.

And after that, you can still use it as a cute little planter.

Of course, it’s not a permanent place for your little plant. You can use it as a starter pot but you will need to transplant the little plant into a bigger pot before the citrus peel gets bad.

Create DIY organic fertilizer from leftovers

Who says you must buy expensive fertility to grow your plant?

With some ground coffee, banana peel, and eggshells from the kitchen, you can make DIY natural fertilizer!

Just get them in the blender, add some water, and mix them well.

You can add the mixture directly to your lawn soil and let the magic happen.

P.S. If you want to put this natural fertilizer in your pot, just use a little bit of it since it’s super concentrated.

Tips from Pakovska


Put your gardening tools in a self-cleaning  pot

from One Good Thing

Alright, this genius tip can be done super quickly and super easily.

In a terra-cotta pot, mix sand and mineral oil. And there! You now have a self-cleaning and self-sharpening gardening tool holder.

Super easy, isn’t it?! Dare to try?


Create a DIY automatic water feeder

from The Gardening Cook

This time-saving tool is so genius!!

If you love having your own garden but you don’t have a lot of time (or you’re afraid you will forget to water the plants) go try this hack.


Convert a plastic milk jug into a smart watering tool

from A Journey to a Dream

This useful gardening tool is SUPER EASY to make and SUPER CHEAP. This tool makes life so much easier!

It barely leaves messy drips so you can let your kids learn watering houseplants using this tool!


Don’t throw away milk carton! You can reuse it as a planter!

When your plant is too easy to grow and they produce new babies before you knew it, you might be wondering where to plant the new plants.

Buying some new pots sounds amazing, but when you are on a tight budget, what can you do instead?

Use the trash!

I mean, reuse the milk carton.

Cut the top using scissors, crush the carton with your hand, and “peel” it to make it thin and easy to roll.

Then just roll it up (like rolling up a sleeve).

Put your plant and the planting media inside.

Got a huge heavy pot? Fill the half of it with something bulky

If you want to fill it with some peanuts you can check the idea on The Family Handyman

Moving heavy outdoor planter is a super daunting task. I. Hate. That. Thing.

If you have many heavy planters in your lawn, I highly recommend trying this clever hack.

Fill your empty pot with something bulky until it fills the bottom third or half of your big pot.

The “bulky thing” can be empty soda bottles, a plastic pot which is placed upside-down, or organic matters like dried leaves and dried flowers.

On top of it, of course, add your plant and your soil.

This brilliant trick can help remove A LOT of the weight.

Place a coffee filter at the bottom of the pot before you put the dirt in

from Popsugar

Cute little pots are great for your plants.

But the problem comes when you tried to water that cuteness and suddenly there appear messy soils beneath the pots.

There is a trick for it.

Before you put the soil into the pot, put a coffee filter first.

This trick helps you prevent the soil from sneaking out and at the same time make watering so much easier.


Protect your dearest plants using DIY Insect Spray

from An Oregon Cottage

Woah! Why didn’t I think about that?!

If you are tired of seeing your favorite plants destroyed by insects, you can try this DIY hack.

Just mix garlic, mint leaves, cayenne pepper, a little drop of dishwashing liquid, and some water. Spray the mixture to your plants here and there and be amazed with the result!

Happy gardening!

Don’t forget to save these hacks for later!


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