9 Edible Perennials


Edible plants are so useful, especially in a time of crisis.

You can harvest it as a main ingredients of your meal, as addition in your cooking, or as natural remedies.

There are a lot of edible plants that you can grow fast and harvest immediately.

But if you want something that comes back year after year, maybe you should consider growing these edible perennials!

Perennials or perennial plants are plants that can last for more than two years.

It means that you can plant them once and let them grow for a long time!


If you love cool drinks or sweet dessert with garnish, you probably are familiar with mint.

Sometimes little thing in life brings a major difference, am I right?

Mint is a perennial plant that loves water. Make sure that the soil is always moist, but not soggy.

Mint loves a sunny area but it can also grow in partial shade.


Oregano loves full sun, although it can tolerate partial shade.

You can grow oregano in a well-drained soil.

Temperature for growing oregano is about 6-70 Fahrenheit.


The edible part of chives are the flower and the leaves.

That being said, if you don’t like it, you can still let it grow as a wonderful decoration for your garden!


taro root, tuber, caladium

Taro roots are an alternative source of carbohydrate.

Have you heard about something with taro flavor?

The real taste of taro might not be as strong as that flavor, but it’s still edible and you can cook it to make various meals.


Horseradish comes from the family Brassicaceae.

This root vegetable has a pungent flavor which can make a great addition to your roast beef. You can also pair horseradish flavor with potato, beet, or broccoli.

Horseradish typically can be harvested in about 5 months.


Rhubarb is a pretty easy plant to grow.

Rhubarb loves sun and well-drained soil.

If you grow rhubarb from crowns, you should be able to harvest the plant after a year. However, if you try to grow it from seeds, you need to wait about a year longer.

Rhubarb can produce harvest for many years. So if your family loves rhubarb, it’s probably a good idea to grow this plant in your garden!


Listen up, dear salad lovers and sandwich lovers!

You should consider this vegetable to grow at home!

Watercress is easy to grow and quick to harvest.

And although it tastes better when harvested during cooler months, watercress can be picked all year round!

Oh, did I mention that it can be grown indoor?!

This vegetable is amazing!


close up photo of blueberries

Blueberry is an amazing ingredient for breakfast! It’s a great source of vitamin C and antioxidant!

You can use it to accompany your pancake, cereal, or smoothies!

Blueberry might take long years to reach maturity, but they can also survive for many years!


strawberries, garden, fruit

Strawberry is a great fruit with great taste and nutritional content!

You can use strawberries to make smoothies, pie, cake, and even cookies!

Strawberry is pretty easy to grow and it’s great for beginners!

Strawberry loves sun. If you live in a cool area, consider planting your strawberry plant in an uncovered place so it can receive sunlight every day. If you live in a warm region, choose a spot with some shade so your strawberry plant can enjoy morning sun but still protected from the harsh heat.

Strawberry plants prefer a slightly acidic soil with pH about 5.5 to 6.5.

Plant your strawberry in a rich soil and don’t forget to make sure that the soil is well-drained.

Most of the varieties of strawberry plants produce stolons (runners) for reproducing themselves asexually, which means you can get free, new strawberry plants to expand your strawberry garden!

Happy gardening!

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