7 DIY Cleaning Hacks Using Dawn

Dawn is a super popular soap for dishwashing.

But did you know? There are so many other things beyond dishware that can be cleaned using this fantastic soap!

Down below are cleaning hacks you can try with your Dawn dish soap at home!

Using multipurpose cleaning product can help you save money and save time!

So check out these cleaning tips and try the ideas you love!

Use Dawn to Clean The Window

After dusting/vacuuming your window, you probably want to wash it, right?

Now how do you wash it when you don’t have that special window cleaner?

Spraying it with pure water might not be the best idea because you need something to tackle the stubborn dirt and help you fight some germs.

Well, you can try using Dawn dish soap!

Add 2-3 drops of it in a cup of hot water and use it to wash the window with microfiber cloth and squeegee.

If a cup of mixture is not enough, you can multiply the recipe as needed.

If you’re doing a deep cleaning, you probably want to clean each window multiple times.

In the final step, you can add more water so the mixture become thinner.

EXTRA TIP: You can pour the mixture into a spray bottle on the final “squeegee step”.

Use it for Washing the Wall

Have you experienced washing walls with strong mixture such as hot water and acid/vinegar?

Well, I did. And believe me it wasn’t pleasant.

If you hate strong odor of chemical and you love super simple DIY cleaning mixture, then go with this hack.

Mix a few drop

Use Dawn to Wash The Floor

And yes, you can use Dawn dish soap for washing the floors.

Add a few drop of this soap in 1/2 bucket of hot water.

Don’t use too much of dish soap because it can make the floor sticky afterwards

Oh, and remember to vacuum/sweep the floor first before washing it.

Use Dawn as Emergency Detergent

Running out of detergent in the crisis?

You can wash your clothes with Dawn dish liquid soap.

Just remember to reduce the amount of the dish soap so it doesn’t produce too much bubbles.

Using Dawn For Kitchen Clothes

Kitchen clothes can be very dirty and a little bit sticky sometimes.

Washing them with normal detergent might help, but it might not work the best if you love running your washing machine in speedy cycle like me.

There might still be some smell and you can still experience some grease when touching it.

If that is being the case, you can use Dawn dish soap to help you wash your kitchen clothes cleanly.

Remember, Dawn is made to help you clean kitchen “greases” on your dishes. And dirty kitchen clothes usually contain those “kitchen greases” too.

So using dish soap for kitchen clothes can work better than using regular detergent.

Use Dawn to Clean The Microwave

Whether you come home after a long holiday or there had been an “accident in your kitchen” (e.g. an egg explodes inside your mic) cleaning your microwave and other kitchen appliances is important to help you maintain hygiene in the food production at home.

And guess what, you can use Dawn dish soap to clean the mic!

In a microwave-safe bowl, add 2-3 drops of Dawn with a cup of clean water.

Put it inside an empty microwave and let the mic work for 1-2 minutes.

After you see the steam, open the mic, take out the bowl, and wipe the microwave interior with clean damp cloth.

EXTRA TIP: Make sure that you use a wide bowl instead of a the small one. A shallow/short bowl is fine as long as it has wide “mouth”

The wider the bowl, the easier it is for the steam to reach every area of the microwave.

Use Dawn to Clean Your Keurig Coffee Machine

Oh, yeah. Keurig machine can be dirty and loaded with germs too.

To clean Keurig machine, you can use Dawn dish soap, clean water, a small cleaning brush, and a clean dry cloth.

Brush the components with a mixture of water and Dawn dish soap and then rinse it off really well.

You might want to dry it with a clean cloth afterwards.

If you don’t have a special cleaning brush and choose to use a toothbrush, please use the new one. (Buy the cheap one).

Using an old toothbrush for cleaning is great for NON-kitchen things because there can be some bacteria already in the toothbrush and you don’t want to transfer that mouth bacteria or other bacteria to the food.

Cleaning the Keurig machine is actually easy and cheap. But it can take some time because you need to unassembled the parts and putting them back together when it’s done.

But hey! The result can be so pleasant. If you do it right, you can make your Keurig almost looks like new!


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