How to Clean Your Baseboard

Baseboard is a small part of the house that can easily get neglected when it comes to cleaning.

It might not be the point of interest but if it gets dirty when everything else is clean it can significantly decrease the ‘clean look’.

Now cleaning your baseboard can be tricky especially when the baseboard haven’t been cleaned for years. The dust can be compiled on the top of it and a single action of vacuuming might not do the job.

So, how to clean your baseboard? There are actually some ways to do the job. You can choose the one that suits your need and situation.


Almost every room of the house has baseboard and cleaning them with the regular way (wash, rinse, wipe) might sound daunting.

If you want to clean your baseboard quickly, consider using a magic eraser.

In a bucket, mix a few drop of soap, 1 tbsp of vinegar in a small bucket of warm water.

Damp the sponge into the mixture, squeeze it well, and use it to swipe on the baseboard.

After that, use a dry cloth to dry the baseboard.


If your baseboard has some dust on it, you can simple remove the dust to give it a cleaner look.

Grab your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the whole baseboard. If you have a lot of time, give all surface a good vacuum. But if you’re in a hurry, focus on the top part of the baseboard (the surface which receives the most of dust).

Lazy & Pricey

Alright, if you hate mixing this and that, you probably need something that is already damp itself so you can directly use it to clean the baseboard.

Grab a pack of wet wipes (any kind of wipes is OK, as long as it’s wet). Use the wipes to wipe the baseboard. Give some pressure using your hand when doing the wiping so you can remove the dirt well.

Remember to change wipe every time it gets too dirty to reuse.

P.S. if your baseboard is made of wood, consider using PLEDGE multi-surface wipes.

Diligent & Deep

Now if you feel like really cleaning, you probably need to try this idea.

First, dust the baseboard using a vacuum cleaner.

Second, damp a cleaning cloth into a bucket of soapy warm water (you can add a little amount of vinegar into the water as well).

Third, squeeze the wet cleaning cloth and use it to rub the whole baseboard. You might want to do it multiple times if the baseboard is super dirty, especially if it has a white color.

Forth, wipe it clean using a clean cloth.

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