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Whether you just moved out of your parents’ house or you have been living in your own home for years, house cleaning activity can be exhausting.

There are so many things to clean regularly.

Perhaps the home would be gloriously sparkling clean when you clean every single thing every single day.

But oh, come on.

Life is not only about cleaning.

That’s why we need to categorize what to clean every day VS to clean every week.

For the window, you might want to clean it once a week.

But for the laundry, especially when you live with kids, you should do it every day.

What about the shower glass? Do you clean it every day?

Well, I think everyone has their own preference.

If you want to clean it every day and you have time for it, then go on.

But if life gets too busy, I think it’s fine to clean it only twice a week (Wednesday and Sunday, for example)

Now if you need something to help you sort the cleaning task, check out this FREE cleaning checklist which comes with assorted colors.


Here are some of the look.

Since everyone’s got their own preference about the “everyday tasks VS weekly tasks” I kept it empty so you can fill it yourself 🙂

Use this awesome cleaning checklist to make your home cleaning adventure feel easier!

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