5 DIY Wooden Home Decor Ideas

If you love crafting with woods (big or small) maybe you need to try these DIY wooden projects!

These DIY projects can be a great addition to your home!

Check out these DIY home decor ideas and try the ones you love!

DIY Peg Rail

black peg rail with wreath

From Decor Hint

If you need something easy and beginner-friendly then check out this DIY idea!

You can make this project with simple supplies!

This functional decoration can be used for hanging colorful kitchen cloth and mittens!

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Ladder

From Craft Bits

I love home decoration with great function!

You can leave this rustic ladder as it is or use it to hold your scarves or blankets.

This can be a great addition to your living room or bedroom!

X Table

X style sofa table

From Repurpose And Upcycle

This X table looks great for having a quick work, for having a quick meal, or for placing random items in the living room.

Don’t forget that you can customize the color and the size of the table according to your home and family!

DIY Wooden Bookends

Adorable DIY Wooden Bookends - A super easy tutorial for making a pair of DIY wooden bookends. These bookends are cheap to make and you can even customize them!

From Decor Hint

The plain wooden bookend itself looks beautifully simple.

But if you want a bit of fun, you can place little toy car on it.

You can also add some color with paint.

Simple Wall Shelf

Step by Step - How to Make a Wood Wall Shelf

From Decor Hint

This is beautiful!

You can install the shelf anywhere in the house and use it to put various things!

You can use it for organizing spice jars, bowls, towels, or for displaying flowers!

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