Decluttering Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Decluttering is a great way to give yourself and everybody who lives in your home a better living space without purchasing anything new.

By getting rid of unused/broken/boring stuff, you can make your home feels bigger and gain more freedom.

You can also reduce a lot of frustration because you don’t need to reorganize or re-clean those things anymore.

When your home only contain the things that are actually useful, you can feel a more enjoyable life inside your home!

The thing is, decluttering isn’t easy for some people.

When decluttering for the first time, we tend to make mistakes which can lead our decluttering mission into failure.

Down below are the common decluttering mistakes.

Jumping In Without Any Plan

When something embarrassing or frustrating happens, you probably are tempted to declutter your whole house ASAP.

Decluttering is a good idea.

But hey, decluttering needs plan.

It’s a whole-house project.

It’s like a huge revolution that needs work.

Decluttering without a plan can make you feel confused in the middle of your journey. It can also make you feel super exhausted because you probably don’t know what you actually do.

If you want to be successful, make a solid plan. It can help you track progress and let yourself know that you are closer to your goal.

Don’t forget to check out this decluttering guide.

Trying To Do It All Overnight

Decluttering your whole home isn’t an overnight job.

You might need a week or 10 days to do it all.

There are probably multiple ‘clutter zone’ in your home that each of them takes time to be cleaned.

And that’s okay.

Do not try to do it all overnight. You can get overwhelmed and exhausted and that can make you feel that you don’t want to declutter anymore.

Organizing Instead Of Decluttering

Seeing a huge room with organized things, a huge closet with organized clothes, or a wide rack with organized things might be pleasant.

But remember, you want to get rid of clutter.

Although those beautiful stacks of items might look awesome, remember that most of them are probably broken items or boring items that you never used anymore.

So, whenever you want to touch an item, ask yourself:

  • do I REALLY need this?
  • did I use this in the last 12 months?
  • do I REALLY love this?

If the answers are NO, then throw it into the box of donation/garbage/sell.


When you procrastinate for a long time after decluttering, there is a chance that you are putting all of your hard work (decluttering) into the failure.

After producing boxes and baskets of decluttered items, immediately donate them or sell them when you can.

Getting rid of those “boxes of clutter” immediately is an important part to help you enjoy the benefit of decluttering.

Getting Rid Of Clutter For Other Clutter

Spacious room is so good to see.

It might be so tempting to put something else to fill up the empty space.

You might want to move other clutter from other room into that spacious room.

But, listen to me: DON’T.

You don’t want to ruin your decluttering mission.

So, let the spacious space be spacious and enjoy the freedom and peace that you get with it.

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