How to Declutter Your Home in A Week

“Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.” -Ian Maclaren

Everyone is fighting a hard battle.

Your son is probably facing a big exam next week. Your husband is probably facing a cruel boss at work. Your baby probably hates that new baby food that tastes terrible for her.

Everyone has their own battle.

If you are reading this, chances are you are a frustrated queen of a beautiful home whose empire being hijacked by clutter.

And THAT is a hard battle you are fighting right now. So hard.

I know. I get it.

And that’s why I am here for you, dear. I’m here to help you.

Clutter is the cause of the mess.

And a mess is a pain in the eyes.

And because you don’t want to see the painful scenery in your house, you gotta clean and organize those messy things.

Like, cleaning and organizing.

As you already knew, the act of cleaning and organizing your house DOES TAKE TIME. And it’s not a minute or two. It’s A LOT. OF. TIME.

Having clutter = saying goodbye to a huge amount of time and energy.

Oh, my dear friend, you deserve so much better thing to do in life rather than organizing the abundance of clutter every day.

Hang on, there is another reason you should be realizing by now.

When you have too much clutter you are wasting those precious space in your home.

You are letting those happy spots in your house to be occupied by not-too-important [or even useless] items.

So you gonna kick them off your house and regain your actual freedom.

It’s time to take action, Queen!

Declutter your home quickly in these 7 practical steps.

Let’s go!

Day 1: Declutter the Closet

Take a look at your closet, how bulky is it today?

Did you know, closet brings a big impact in our life?

Start making it simple and clean with these decluttering steps

  • Prepare a big cardboard box [or two!]
  • Take out all of the contents [jacket, t-shirt, dress, purse, bag, belt, anything!] of your closet and put it on your bed.
  • Carefully pick the item one by one. Every piece of them deserves three questions: 1.does it fit me today?, 2.did I wear it in the last 12 months?, and I love this thing so much?
  • Answer the questions honestly for yourself. If the answer is YES for all of those questions, put back the item in your closet. If you answer those questions by NO, thrown that thing to the box.
  • Do this trick for every single item
  • After you finish, you can sell the items in the box or you can donate it.

Day 2: Declutter the Electronics

Technology develops so fast every day. There is always something new released every month.

If you have been trying to follow the trend of the gadgets, you might have a lot of devices in your house, from something that has few features to something so new that can do almost everything.

That leads you to forget or leave your old devices because you tend to use only the newest ones.

If that happens in your life, then it’s definitely the time to declutter your electronics. Walk around every room of your house with a box.

Scrutinize if you find any gadget, cords, charger, lightbulb, or anything electronic.

Ask yourself, do I still need it? Do I absolutely love it? If the answer is NO then just put it in the box.

After you completed the check for every room of your house, donate those items in the box.

P.S. when you do this, try to involve your husband or family because they might have a different answer for those questions.

Day 3: Declutter the Kitchen

The kitchen does need decluttering too, my friend! Check your cabinets and drawers.

Is there any broken item or anything bulky that you never used it until this day?

Is there anything expired?

Go take them off of your kitchen.

Another thing to consider when decluttering your kitchen is absolutely the fridge. Take a look at every shelf in your refrigerator.

You might find something expired, something moldy, or even something you cannot identify.

Toss them out to the trash and give your fridge a new freshness.

Day 4: Declutter the Bathroom

If your bathroom has cabinets or any storage box, then you might have clutters there.

Check every item you store in your bathroom.

Any medications, toothpaste, beauty product, anything you have there.

Check the expiration date and if the date has passed, go throw that product away. You cannot donate them.

Day 5: Declutter the Decorations

Decorations might be pretty, but they might bring a big bulk in your house. You also need to take time to clean those things. Do you really love those things? Walk around and check any decorations in your house.

If you don’t like it and you don’t find it pretty then why are you keeping it in your house? Answer yourself honestly and take an action today.

Day 6: Declutter the Crafts and Toys

If you have little kids or you love doing DIY stuff, you might have a pile of crafts and toys in your house.

There might be something you [and your kids] don’t really like there.

There might be something broken. So let it go.

If the item looks well but you don’t like it, put it in a box. If the item is broken, throw it away.

If your child brings home a paper of drawing every day, try to take a picture of it with your phone so you have a digital album of your kid’s craft. After that, put the paper in a box of crafts you don’t really need. You can donate those cute things to cheer up a life of someone who is not fortunate enough.

Day 7: Declutter Home Office and Paper

One of the biggest clutter in a home is paper. Don’t you hate to see a spread of paper everywhere? So try to keep them together.

You can easily get a storage box here and some file folders here to help you organize all of the paper. But if you have too many different files to sort, you might find a 30-slots file organizer a much better choice. 

Besides paper, you might have collections of pens and pencils and any other office supplies in your house. Do you really use every single item of them? Sort them wisely.

If you don’t really love it or you don’t really need it, take it out from your house.

  1. These are wonderful hacks to declutter your home! I’m a big fan of keeping things even when I no longer need them. I guess I got that trait from my grandmother. She always says ” keep it, you don’t know when you will need it” but I’m trying hard to let go of things I no longer need or want in my life. Thanks for sharing!

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