8 Things you Need to do Before Moving Into Your New House 


So you just bought a house and planning to move in? Oh, wow, congratulations! I am so happy to hear that! New house means a new beginning. And in every new beginning, there is a new hope.

While some people consider moving in as a fun life experience, some others think it’s one of the most stressful phases in their life. Sometimes people miss this and that. But don’t worry, baby. I just made this special guide for you. I hope it’ll help you to get through the journey before settle in your new house.

Let people know you are moving

You don’t want your sister to find an empty house when she meant to visit you or your business letter find your past mailbox. So make sure you tell every prominent people in your life know your new address. Typically, people who need your new address are:

  • your family and relatives,
  • your company and business clients,
  • your insurance provider,
  • your bank,
  • and of course, the post office.

Get new keys to your new house

Unless you build the house on your own from the scratch, you never know who owns the key to get inside your house. Maybe the previous owner, the real estate agent, or people who built the house. So go visit your new house to install a new lock. It’s an important first step to keeping the security of your house.

Get the spare keys cut

Moving is a fun yet hectic experience. There are a lot of thing to do and new things to face. You might forget which key is for the exterior door or even where did you put the key. So make sure you get a set cut for every member of the family. You don’t want anyone gets locked, right?

Get the new house clean

You never know how many people had been wandering inside that house and how many germs had been left up. Even a newly built house might be dirty too! For a peace of mind, it would be so much better for you to get the house clean up before you move the furniture.

Several important items to be cleaned really well includes carpets/rugs, tables, chairs/couches, cabinets, toilets, bathroom, and kitchen.

If cleaning the whole house is something scary for you, you can hire a service to do this, especially if you have no time.

Get used to the electricity and water of your house

Introduce yourself to the main water valve and circuit breaker. Just like fire, electricity and water will be good friends to you when they’re in a small amount, but they will be an enemy when they’re too big! Train your self to the situation like plumbing emergency or replacing a light bulb. You gotta need to know which panel to switch off the electricity and which knob to turn off the water valve.

Pack your Current Things to Move

Gather up your current things you need. One important thing to remember when you pack the things is, make sure you pack the thing room-by-room. This way you can unpack and organize the things easier by you reach your new house.

Find A Truck and Tell Them the Date

So you’ve gathered the things in boxes. Then you need a vehicle like moving van or truck or trailer to bring them. Call a reliable truck/van/trailer provider and tell them the date you want to move.

Get prepared for the first night

Your new house might be so lonely from foods and everyday utensils. So how would you survive for the first night?  Grab a handy box or bag. This is where you can store and find necessary things to survive your first night. What to put inside the box? Just remember when you pack for your summer camp but choose something more convenient. You will need some toothpaste, toothbrush, facewash, toilet paper, towels, some foods, and of course, some teabags!


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