21 Genius Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinet

Take a look here! These kitchen cabinet organization hacks are the best! 21 incredible hacks for a better kitchen. #organization #organizing #home

There is a lot of stuff in the kitchen.

Throwing all those utensils inside the kitchen cabinets might be a super quick hack to hide them.

But it can also easily create a huge mess.

So, how to actually fix the problem?

Down below is a great list of kitchen cabinets organizing ideas.

So check them out and use it all to fight the mess!

Let’s go!

Organize pans and baking trays in a metal file organizer

from The Organized Wife
Instead of stacking them with other things, just arrange your baking trays and cutting boards in metal file holder.
This is an ergonomic way to organize them so you don’t need to be stressed when you tried to pick them and put them back.


Label your clear containers with printables

from The Creativity Exchange

Craft yourself pretty printables or just download it here for your kitchen containers.

Never get confused between sugar and salt anymore!

Organize your baking cups and cheatsheet behind the door

from Tidbits from the Tremaynes

Alright, if you love baking so much you should really take your baking activity to the next level by applying this genius organization tip.

Hang your baking cups behind the door and make a cheat sheet there.

Who won’t love having a cabinet like this?

Store cupcake liners in a mason jar

from Fresh Frippery

Colorful baking cups are pretty, but they need an integrated arrangement to make it easy to find and pleasant to the eyes.

So grab a mason jar and stack all of your baking cups inside.


Organize appliances in baskets

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from Jen Thousand Words

Got too many cables and appliances to organize inside your cabinet?

Get some plastic baskets to arrange them!

It’s cheap!

Install a pull-out rack

Install a pull out spice rack to the underside of a cabinet.

from HGTV

There are so many creative hacks to organize your spices… and one of them is installing a pull-out rack.

Thistrick would be so useful especially if you love cooking cuisines with many spices at once.

Hang your mitts and hot pads using adhesive hooks

from Krazy Koupon Lady

Just install some cheap adhesive hooks behind the cabinet door and you can use it to store your hot pans and mitts.

You can easily get your adhesive command hooks here.

Use adhesive hooks+wire basket to store cleaning supplies

from The Krazy Koupon Lady

Optimize the space behind your cabinet door to store cleaning products.

Some adhesive hooks can help!!

You can easily get wire basket and adhesive command hooks here.


Or use a stackable sliding basket

from Amazon

Get a pull-out rack to organize your cleaning products under your sink.

You can use the upper part to organize everyday cleaning products and use the lower rack for extra supplies.

Or use a towel bar behind the door

from Homeroad

Got too many cleaning sprays? Try to hang them behind your cabinet door. You just need to install a cheap towel rack and you can give your cleaning products a new home.

You can easily find a towel bar here.





Craft a DIY Rack to organize your plates

from Remodela Casa

I lovee the beautiful look of this hack!

You can also achieve this ultimate tidiness by crafting a DIY rack and use it to organize your uniform plates.

You can see the full instructions here.

Organize your bottles using magazine holder

Turn file folders into water bottle and canned food holders.
from Better Homes and Gardens

Did you know that you can use your magazine holder beyond your office?

Well, actually there are so many ways to use your magazine holder to organize your home, and one of them is for arranging your bottles.

You can easily get floral magazine holder here.

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Hang those plastic bag rolls

from Simply Organized

Get rid of messy and bulky plastic bags by applying this hack.

Instead of throwing your trash bags inside your cabinet, try to hang them under your sink.

It makes your plastic bags easy to access too!

Lazy Susan Storage

 from I Heart Organizing

Convert messiness inside your cabinet into absolute tidiness with some lazy susans!

Lazy Susan is a turntable organizer which lets you reach that “hidden” bottle easily.

So it’s definitely a time-saving too!

You can easily get a Lazy Susan here


Keep your Cooking&Baking Utensils in A Place

from Two Twenty One

Wow, super easy organizing solution! If you love cooking and baking you need to try this trick!

Get some hooks and arrange your baking things in one cabinet so you can find them easily whenever you want to make cookies.

Use a tension rod to organize the pot lids

from Imperfect Homemaking

Tension rod is a creative way to organize things.

So try to install it inside your cabinet to organize the pot lids.

Organize your pockets inside sink caddies

from Make Bake Celebrate

Got too many pockets and small packages of snacks? Install sink caddies and place your pockets there.

You can easily get sink caddies here.

Use a stackable mesh shelf

from Cabinet Directs USA

Keep dishes easy to grab by organizing them in this stackable mesh shelf.

Organize your keys and bill reminder on the door

hidden kitchen organizer
from Two Twenty One

Create a bill reminder and other important deadlines to bring your cabinet function to the next level.

The power of baskets!

from Honey We’re Home

Organization means categorizing. And one of the easiest ways to categorize your things is by using boxes or baskets. So have yourself some boxes and baskets to categorize your foods.

Last but definitely not least, use a drawer divider!

from Amazon

I am so in love with this aesthetically-pleasing organization system.

By using a drawer divider you are able to find your specific spoon super quickly and super easily.

You can use this system to organize your forks, spoon, knives, cards, and even keys!

Easily get a drawer divider here.

These kitchen cabinet organization hacks are the best! 21 incredible hacks for a better kitchen. #organization #organizing #home
21 kitchen cabinets organization ideas that are so clever! Use these kitchen organization hacks to make your cabinets look so organized inside! #kitchen #kitchenideas

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