Towels Organizing Ideas For The Bathroom

Today, hygiene is super important in our daily life.

We need to wash our hands repeatedly and clean our body regularly. And after that, we need to dry our hands and body. And the simplest way is by using towels. That’s why towels are so important today.

If you really care about hygiene of yourself and your family you probably have a lot of towels at home.

And you probably are wondering, how to organize them in the bathroom? How to make the towels easy to reach and also displayed in a proper way without looking like a mess?

Down below are some towels organizing ideas that you probably can try at home!

Fold + Stack On A Floating Glass Shelf

If you have a floating glass shelf (or any floating shelf) in your bathroom, you can use it to organize the towels.

Fold your towels and stack it on the shelf.

Don’t forget to add a little piece of decor such as a flower in a short vase. Make sure that you use safe, unbreakable decor if you live with kids.

If you have no shelves in your bathroom but you want one, you probably can install it. Find an idle wall (e.g. above the toilet) and install the shelf there. If you don’t want to spend money on an expensive shelf, you can DIY with a cheap pine board.

Fold + Stack On A Metal Rack

Dedicating a space in the bathroom for towels and bathrobe is a great idea, especially when you have the space.

Don’t forget to install a rack (a heated one would be awesome!).

You can fold and stack the towels above the rack and put the bathrobes on the lower rack.

If you don’t want to install the second rack, just use some hangers to hang the bathrobes on the towel rack. Be careful when taking the towel though, you don’t want the hangers to move uncontrollably and make your bathrobes fall.

Put it Inside A Shelf

Fold or roll the towels and keep it inside a shelf.

This idea can be applied for kid bathroom since the shelf is reachable by kids so they don’t need to tiptoe on their fingers to get the clean towels.

However, if you do try this for your kid bathroom, remember to remove any glass decorations or unsafe decorations to prevent any accidents.

Feeling Lazy? Just Use Towel Hooks

Wanna make things look organized but feeling too lazy to fold or roll the towels?

Just use towel hooks and hang the clean towels there.

Can you use towel hooks to hang clean towels? Sure, you can.

Just make sure to remind everyone that the towel hooks are ONLY for clean towels and remind them to throw dirty towels right to the laundry bin.

If your laundry room is far away from the bathroom, you can also provide a basket around the hooks to put used towels.

Roll + Arrange In A Basket

One quick way to organize things is by using basket.

Grab a wooden basket or any clean basket you have at home and use it to hold rolled towels.

If you want to be more organized, grab 2 baskets and use them to categorize different towels. For example, the first basket is for hand towels and the second one is for bath towels.

You can then put the baskets on the bathroom countertop.

Arrange In A Basket Aestethically

Wanna make towels organized cheaply and aestethically?

Use basket and a piece of decoration!

Roll the towels, arrange it vertically inside the basket, and top with a piece of faux flower or the real one!

Make sure that the flower color and the towel color are in contrast.

Roll+Stack On A Floating Shelf

If you have a floating shelf and you want your towels to get a bit more organized, you can roll it instead of fold it.

Rolling the towels can make them look more practical and easy to grab.

Roll+Separate The Towels

Today we live side by side with viruses.

Family members can spread virus to each other.

You can be extra cautious and let everyone towels separated.

Because even when the towels are clean, the hand of each family member can leave some virus on the shelf/basket that can be spread to other family member.

So, if you wanna be very cautious, you can give each person a basket and put them in separate shelves. You can label each basket to help your family find their baskets.

Arrange On A Ladder

Got a decorative ladder?

Great! You can use it as an extra storage area for your bathroom!

You can use a clean leaning ladder to arrange clean towels.

Simply put clean towels on the ladder ‘steps’ and you’re good to go.

Stack By Size

If your family really take hygiene into account, each of them might have different types of towels with various sizes.

You probably are wondering, how to organize towels with different size so they look good to see?

Well, it’s actually pretty easy.

Collect ready-to-use towels for each person, fold them, categorize them by the owner, and stack them with the widest one beneath. So if there are 4 family members, there would be 4 ‘packages’ of towels to put in the bathroom.

You can make the smallest towel (the top one) look great by using a ribbon. You can use different color of ribbon for different person.


If you have fluffy bath towels and you wanna make them look prettier in the bathroom, consider folding them tidily and simply stack them on a clean surface.

After that, don’t forget to put a little piece of decoration with a matching color. For example, a small branch of cherry blossom.

Happy organizing!

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