Baby Clothes Organizing Tips

Baby is small. But they have A. LOT. OF. CLOTHES.

I get it!

I know how it feels to organize an abundance collection of baby clothes.

And unless you are a brand new mom who hasn’t experienced giving a baby a shower, you knew that organizing baby clothes is not only about stacking it inside the closet.

Folding baby clothes is easy.

Stacking baby clothes is easy.

Taking the baby clothes out of the closet…… well, it needs special skill. {Unless your husband is always ready to hold your baby 24/7 while you preparing for the clothes.}

When you need to take something from the baby’s closet, you need to do it REAL QUICK. You don’t want your neighbors to hear your baby crying too long (when they’re so little) and you don’t want your baby to “help you” taking out their clothes from the closet (when they’re big enough to hold something).

If you are a mom of a one-year-old baby I assume you know what I mean.

Taking off the baby clothes out of the closet QUICKLY is easy. BUT you need to do it carefully because you don’t want to create any mess afterward. Remember, when you have a baby, you have less time for everything else INCLUDING organizing the closet.

So, whenever you organize your baby clothes (or anything, actually!) consider the FUNCTION. Consider how you will use it. Make it organized AND accessible.

Alright, wonderful mother. Now let’s see some EASY organizing tips for your baby clothes.

Let’s check them out!

Use A Dresser Or Closet That Has A LOT Of Drawers

The more specific you categorize the clothes, the easier it gets to find a particular item.

That’s why you need a lot of drawers AND you need to get them some labels (you can do this with chalks too!).

Oh! This idea is also a BIG help to prevent your baby from messing up their clothes. If they want to destroy the organized pants, they need to pull the ‘pants drawer’ (which is heavy for them). Even if they are able to pull one drawer, the destroyed area is inside that specific drawer only. On the contrary, if you have a big closet without any drawer, the baby can destroy all area EASILY.

So, start taking benefit of drawers.

Use Bins To Categorize The Clothes By Age

Not to be melancholy but… baby grows FAST.

You hold them from the crib in the morning, you breastfeed them, you change their clothes, you play and sing with them, you rock them into sleep, and before you know it, they turn into a bigger human.

Since their body size changes QUICKLY, you need to prepare different size of clothes. A LOT of different clothes.

That means you need to rearrange your baby clothes every 3 months or 6 months. So how do you store the clothes that don’t fit anymore or the clothes for future months?

You can use bins. And it’s so much better to organize using uniform bins so you can stack them easily.

Pack those clothes in groups (age-based) and put it inside the bins. Don’t forget to label the bins so you can find a particular bin easily.

You Can Also Divide Them Using DIY Dividers

Now if you prefer using a big integrated closet for your baby’s clothes, make sure you categorize each item clearly to avoid any headaches.

You can categorize those hanging clothes using a hanging divider too. You can create them with cupboard boxes or wooden door hangers.

Use Drawer Dividers

Now if your dresser has limited drawers but you want to put items into more specific groups, give your drawers some dividers.

You can do it yourself using an old cupboard box.

Roll The Clothes!

Seriously, this trick is so space saving AND give less frustration!

You can arrange the clothes easily into the drawer and it’s highly accessible! You can quickly find something in the drawer without creating a mess.

Remember, folding the clothes and stacking them vertically in your drawer increases the risk of a mess to happen. It takes time to find a particular item. Oh, and pulling a cloth from the bottom of the drawer often leads to an annoying mess.

So, roll the clothes.

Use Shoe Organizer

If you need some extra space to organize baby clothes, install a cheap shoe organizer in the baby closet door or the room door.

You can also use it to organize socks, mittens, or diapers.

Organize Uncollapsible Items Using Hangers

Jackets and other uncollapsible items can take a lot of space inside the drawers. So it would be a good idea to let them hung inside the closet.

Install Hanging Baskets

Whether you store the baby clothes in a big closet or a dresser, you can always apply this trick.

Find a space inside the baby’s closet (you can use wall too!) and hang some baskets in a horizontal row. Fill each basket with categorized items.

Oh, don’t forget to give them labels so you can identify items quickly.

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