13 DIY Upcycled Crafts You Can Make For Cheap

Why buying fancy craft items when you can do it for cheap?

Using simple (and old) items you can make amazing things for your home!

Even when you feel that you don’t have creative hands, you can totally craft these easy DIY projects!

Some of the projects are too easy and you can make it with your kids!

So check these out and try it all at home!

Bottle Cap Rainbow Magnets

from Turning The Clock Back

This craft is so easy and definitely can be a great way to have a creative time with your kids!

The supplies are also inexpensive, so you can craft it on a budget!

Farmhouse Tin Can

from Salvage Sister and Mister

If you’re looking for ideas for upcycling the tin cans, you probably find a yarn-wrapped can or a ribbon-wrapped can.

Why not wrapping it with something you don’t need to buy?

This creative project used a t-shirt to wrap the can!

Woah! What a creative idea!

Upcycled Plastic Bottle

DIY vase from a plastic bottle
from Upcycle My Stuff

Paper Roll Rocket Craft

From Look! We’re Learning!

Repurposed Yogurt Jar Flower Vase

From Glitter On A Dime

Simple Bird Feeder

From Attachment Mummy

This project is so perfect for outdoor activity when the summer season comes.

Gather your kids and craft this easy project with them!

P.S. Does anyone in your family have a peanut allergy? If so, then please be extra careful or craft another project instead.

Colorful Upcycled Chair Bench

From Making Manzanita

Need an upcycle idea for your backyard?

Look at this DIY project!

Upcycled Empty Baby Food Jars

From A Magical Mess

Give a splash of color to those empty baby food jars!

You can make it pink, yellow, purple, or anything!

Then you can use it for storing multiple kinds of items at home!

DIY License Plate Pencil Case

From Scrappy Geek


Who knew that you can repurpose an old license plate into an organizer?

This is a creative idea!

This project looks smart I think.

But if you want to make it for your kids, please be careful because the edges of the plate might be a little dangerous (too sharp) for kids.

I think it can be a great organizer for your husband’s home office.

Simple Upcycled Basket Planter

From DIY Candy

This craft is so simple and easy.

Now if blue is not your favorite color or it just doesn’t fit your wall color, you can paint the basket in other color!

Wagon Wheel Wreath

From Farm Girl Reformed

Upcycled Jewelry Box

From Mod Podge Rocks

This craft is super creative I think!

Using Mod Podge and Envirotex Lite, you can revamp an old jewelry box into a stunning one!

Gingham Vase Glass Jar Upcycle

From Sum of Their Stories


Craft doesn’t always need fancy supplies.

In fact, you can make cool things out of trash! So, before throwing something into a garbage bin, ask yourself, can I turn it into something crafty instead?

Happy crafting!

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