Garage Organizing Tips

Garage is built for the cars or vehicles, am I right?

But it’s a common thing that this room also becomes a ‘hiding place’ for miscellaneous things (that don’t fit in other rooms) such as drills, balls or even gardening tools.

There are so many things in this room and sometimes it just feels impossible to organize them all.

Consider these little tips below and try your favorite tips at home!

Install Pegboard To Organize Mechanical Tools

Organizing things on the wall is very space-saving in my view.

When you have so many mechanical tools but you have a small garage, you can try installing a pegboard to solve the problem.

Organize all of your screws, bolts, nails, clips, washers, nuts, and all those tiny pieces easily using a pegboard.

Install Wire Baskets On The Wall

The truth is, garage is not only about car and automotive.

It often becomes a “go-to” storage space for almost everything when there are no more space left in the “main home”.

It means, storing paints and craft stuff in the garage is something “normal”.

But how to organize those colorful items when you don’t have space on the floor?

You can install wire baskets on the wall!

Use PVC Pipes To Organize Gardening Tools

Again, it’s not about automotive at all.

It’s about outdoor space and gardening.

When you love gardening or DIY landcaping, you might have so many gardening tools in your garage.

You can organize those tools on the wall using PVC pipes.

The PVC pipes act like bracelet which holds the tools.

The PVC pipes should be secured to the wall so you can “insert” the shovel/rake/anything else to the PVC “bracelets”.

Use A Super Strong Magnetic Strip To Handle Those Metal Tools

Need an extra space for organizing mechanical tools?

Get a super strong magnetic strip.

Spray it with your favorite color, if you want. And stick your automotive tools on it.

Use Clear Glass Canisters To Organize Small Objects

Nails and screws are small objects which can get scattered easily.

It can get lost easily too especially in a “crowded” room like garage.

You can solve the problem by organizing those small objects in clear canisters.

Of course, you need different canisters for different objects.

You can also label the canister if you want.

Make A Super Simple Hose Organizer With An Old Bucket

Got a garden hose?


Do not let the hose sit on your garage floor as it can trigger an accident [when your kids step on it they can get tripped and fall].

Secure a bucket on your garage wall. [wow, you garage wall can look like an art museum after following all these tips hahaha]

Then wrap the hose around the bucket.

CAUTION: This might look bulky. So find a “free” area to install the bucket because you don’t want to bother your car with it.

Keep All The Balls Inside A Bin

Garage can be a place to store outdoor toys too.

So you might have some soccer balls and tennis balls inside your garage.

Gather them inside a bin to avoid trouble.

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