DIY Furniture Repurpose Ideas

When your old furniture looks boring or has a broken part, it doesn’t mean you should throw it away immediately.

A piece of old furniture can be repurposed into something beautiful that has precious value for your home.

Doubting what I am talking about?

Well, you should really take a look at these amazing DIY furniture repurposed ideas!

The crafters behind these DIY projects are super creative!

Check out their work and try your favorite ideas at home!

From Sewing Table to Desk

From The DIY Drawer

When you have an old sewing table that cannot function well anymore, you can convert it into a pretty desk for studying or working.

Don’t forget to paint it in your favorite color.

From Bench to Sea Shell Shadow Box Table

From Our Crafty Mom

Creative idea for your living room!

From Cooler to Planter

From Sustain My Craft Habit

If by any chance you found your old non-functioning cooler in your home and you want to kick it directly to the garbage bin, think again.

You can give it a creative touch and make it a beautiful planter!

You can then use the planter either outdoor or indoor. 

From Window Frame Into Bedroom Decor

From Sustain My Craft Habit

I mean, this is just so simple yet so smart.

If you don’t want to leave the space above your headboard empty but you don’t have budget to buy fancy wall art then you can just repurpose an old window frame into a rustic “wall decor”.

From Bar Stool to Narrow Bedside Table

From Making Manzanita

Turning a high stool into a narrow bedside table is simple and you can do it inexpensively.

Those “shelves” make it really functional. You can put books, phones, and iPad on it.

To make your bedroom looks prettier you can add a flower in a vase or any indoor plant on the table.

From Dresser to Bookshelf

From Castle View Academy

When your dresser starts malfunctioning or getting broken, what can you do?

Well, you can try to fix it.

Or you can try to repurpose it.

From Wagon to Planter

From The Soccer Mom Blog

If you have an old wagon which doesn’t function well anymore, you can still display it beautifully in your garden as a planter!

A wagon planter means you can move your “pack of little garden” into a safer place when the weather gets extreme.

From Pee Potty into Flower Potty

From Pink Fortitude

Yes, this idea is beyond creative.

I mean, who knew that you can convert a vintage pee pot into an attractive flower pot?

This can be a great icon for your garden.

Chip and Dip Plate + Glass Vase Into A Porch Table

From Charleston Crafted

Repurposing an object into something else is a creative idea.

Combining 2 different objects into something that look amazing and function well is genius.

I think this porch table is a masterpiece.

From Planter to Outdoor Table

From Feeling Nifty

When your planter needs to retire from the garden but you don’t want to let it go, then convert it into an awesome table.

You can put it outdoor next to a rustic bench or a pair of chairs.

From Frame to Headboard

From The DIY Dreamer

When your giant framed mirror is broken into pieces or it feels too big for your home today, you can use the frame for a headboard.

Don’t forget to paint int in your favorite color or any color that suits your bed and bedroom.

From Shelf into Storage Bench

From Feeling Nifty

Converting a tall shelf into a storage bench means every family member (including your toddler) can store + access things inside it easily.

No need a high chair to grab a book from the top shelf.

It also means you have a new area for sitting while reading some books… while staying on a budget.

From Laundry Basket to Accent Table

From Homemade Heather Inspired

Crafting a new furniture doesn’t have to be expensive.

Neither does it need to be “heavy”.

If you have a laundry basket at home or other wire basket that look old but still have a strong structure, you can convert it into an accent table.

Of course you need other supplies such as circles of plywood, acrylic paint, etc but they’re pretty easy to get and this project is easy to make!

From Chair to Table

From Charleston Crafted

An old chair + a large wooden cutting board + creativity = an awesome side table

Yes, of course, you need some other supplies such as oil, brackets, and other simple things. 

But this whole project definitely can be made for under $20.

It can be a lot cheaper if you already have the chair and the cutting board at home!


From Bi-fold Doors to Blanket Storage Box

From The Handyman’s Daughter

This rolling storage box is perfect for blanket, pillows and even stuffed animals.

If you don’t have any casters, actually it’s fine. You can still display it beautifully in your living room (if you paint it well).

However, casters make the box super easy to move so you can adjust the position whenever you want. It’s pretty bulky I think so you if you have limited space you might want to reposition it according to the situation. 

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