10 DIY Car Cleaning Hacks That Are Seriously Easy

If you’ve been tired of getting embarrassed by the filthy look of your car interior and you’re trying to find quick hacks to make your car clean like new, you are in the right place! Practice these brilliant car cleaning hacks that are super simple to do. These cleaning tips are super cheap too!

By applying these tips and tricks you will be able to clean the inside of your car super easily and super quickly.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Use Cleaning Wipes to Fight the Unseen Dirt

Armor All Cleaning Wipes on steering wheel

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You might not realize how dirty your steering wheel has been until you wipe the dust off!

You can use this genus wipe to ace this task quickly.

Use sponge brush to clean crevices

Car Cleaning Hacks

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Pour a little solution of your favorite cleaner to a sponge brush or a cotton balls and use it to clean the crevices.

Use a long bristle brush to clean the air vents

Brush Out the Air Vents

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Use a long bristle brush to help you collect the dust. For the best result, you can add a little drip of furniture polish to attract the dust easier.

Grab a wet rag to wipe the brush off and start cleaning the next louver.

Clean the floor mats in the washing machine


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This is probably the most incredible car cleaning hacks I’ve ever seen in my life.

All you need is spraying your mats with a mixture of Dawn+hydrogen peroxide, throwing the mats into the washing machine with a regular detergent (you might want to try with a gentle cycle), and let them dry outside.

Clean Your Car Upholstery using Homemade Mixture

DIY: Detail Your Cars Upholstery!! DiscountQueens.com

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Mix equal parts of Dawn dish soap, club soda, and vinegar in a spray bottle and use the mixture to shot the stained area on your car seat. Let it sit for few minutes, destroy the stain with scrub brush, and finally suck it all using a steam machine.

The beautiful result is definitely worth the little hard work!

Don’t underestimate the power of an old toothbrush

Some dish soap or Castile soap diluted with water will do the trick. Find more tips at Popular Mechanics.

via Popular Mechanics

If you ever find a stubborn stain on the texture of your vinyl, get an old toothbrush and a dish soap to fight the dirt.

Use Coffe Filter for dustingWipe down the interior of your car with a coffee filter.

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Coffee filters are super cheap and super effective for dusting. So why not use some of them to dust the interior of your car?

Use vacuumer and detergent to get off of crumbs

before after car upholstery

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Sometimes a vacuumer alone can’t fight the crumbs away. You need a little more help.

After vacuuming the big crumbs, spray some detergent on the dirty area. Re-vacuum with roller cleaner head wipe it off immediately using paper towel.

Use Slime to Clean Your Car

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Slime is a fun thing and you can use it to make your car cleaning activity way easier!

Roll over the slime to the dirty area, especially the part that is hard to reach.

Use a flathead screwdriver and a cloth to clean the crevices

Use wooden skewers or a flathead screwdriver and cloth to remove dirt from small crevices.

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Another hack to clean the crevices is using a flathead screwdriver that you can easily get in your mechanical toolbox and a damp rag. Please be advised that this trick is best used for hard surfaces and not the fragile ones.

This awesome list shows how to clean the inside of your car quickly and easily. These amazing cleaning tips are super helpful especially when you travel often with kids

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