Extreme Minimalism Tips For Huge Transformation


In the world where everybody wants to get more and more, listen, you can do the other way; being a minimalist.

You can include minimalism in your life in an easy way. For example, choosing minimalist decor for every room of your home or doing a quick decluttering once a year for your wardrobe.

You can also “go big or go home” which means putting 100% effort to practice minimalism and not giving any room for clutter.

Extreme minimalism can be difficult. But it can give you a radical transformation in your life.

Down below are some tips that you can try.

Get rid of all furniture in your home

More furniture needs more time to clean, more energy to take care of it, and more space to put it in.

Getting rid of all furniture in your home might sound scary. If you’re not ready, you can start little by little. Get rid of all tables, and then get rid of all chairs, and then get rid of the bed frame (yes, it’s possible to sleep with mattress only, without the bed frame).

Create a capsule wardrobe which consists of 2-3 colors

Having a capsule wardrobe is a great idea.

But if you really love extreme minimalism, don’t forget to consider the color too.

Pick black and white for the main color. Grey is OK too.

Downsize your home

Living in a huge home forces you to clean and organize a huge area regularly.

By downsizing, you can save time, energy, and money, because:

  • smaller area, typically, means less time for cleaning and organizing
  • smaller area, typically, means less electricity for cleaning
  • smaller area, typically is a lot cheaper to rent or buy

Get rid of small decorations

A single big mirror plastered to the wall is OK.

But don’t let small pieces of decorations make your home look cluttery.

Get rid of them.

Ditch the cash whenever possible

Don’t let multiple sheets of cash (OR EVEN PENNIES!) sit in your wallet.

Only put 1 or 2 dollar bills in your wallet so you are not tempted to use cash.

Use cards whenever possible.

Oh, and don’t forget, don’t keep too many cards just because they have “Rewards”.


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