Best 4 Microwaves For General Use In 2024

Over the years, microwaves have become a very essential appliance to have at home, office, work etc. Not just for the convenience, it offers, but for the other multiple options, it is able to grant us to do other things such as making popcorn and pasta, heat up foods, cook some whole foods, etc. Choosing a microwave today may not be all that easy seeing that there are a lot of them in the market that comes with various features and uses. If you are looking for the best microwave which can own for general use, you have to come to the right place. In this post, I will share with you the benefits you will enjoy from using a general microwave, provide answers to your questions and also show you 4 of the best microwaves to buy in 2024.

Best 4 General Usage Microwave Of 2024

In a hurry? Let me just share with you the best 4 microwaves for general use right away:

Product NameUnique FeaturePrice
SHARP stainless steel countertop microwaveit fits large trays and can be used to reheat large portions of leftover foods too.Check Price on amazon
GE JEM3072SHSS Capacity Countertop Microwave OvenIt comes with a hanging kit to make room on your countertop.Check Price on amazon
GE 1.7 CU. FT. White Over-The-Range MicrowaveIts child protection feature ensures that it is fit for use when kids are around Check Price on amazon
GE JES1095DMWW White Countertop MicrowaveIt has a wattage that can cook your food very fast and easy.Check Price on amazon

Benefits Of Microwave That Will Interest You

Today, every modern home should have a microwave due to its importance and benefits. In fact, people have come to see the numerous values it brings and also what they can do with it that they choose to settle for even the smallest microwave as long as it can serve them well.
If you want to know what are the benefits of owning a microwave which you can enjoy, some of them include the following;

  • Microwave spares time:

The significant advantage of a microwave is ‘time productivity’. When contrasted with the conventional techniques for cooking, microwaves set aside almost no effort to cook. A microwave has a clock which empowers us to set the ideal opportunity for preparing food. At the point when the clock runs out, the cooking stops consequently. Various occasions are set to prepare various kinds of food things. For example, a lot can get cooked in one moment and a lot more can remove longer efforts spent.

  • Easy to clean:

Microwaves are anything but difficult to keep up and clean. What you need is a soggy cotton fabric or a wipe. Wipe the oven from inside and you are finished. To dispose of the smell of food, heat up a bowl of water in the oven with a couple of drops of lemon juice in it and your oven is prepared to be utilized once more.

  • Easy to heat up food:

Errands like heating outstanding food, making crunchy popcorns, defrosting solidified food, and warming bundled foods are very simple by utilizing a microwave. This is contrasted with regular cooking range, antiquated ovens or regular ovens. And microwaves don’t get hot themselves while warming the food.

  • Keep supplements and nutrients in the food:

Vegetables and most foods heated or cooked in a microwave-safe bowl are a lot more beneficial than those cooked in the dish/pot on the gas burner. Microwave cooking holds the nutritive estimations of the food. It holds nutrients and mineral in the food. Food gets prepared without loss of nutrients in the microwave and it tastes scrumptious.

  • Microwave cooking doesn’t bother you with management:

Keep in mind, how busy you go while mixing curry, watching out for the constrain cooker and standing by to hear the whistle, and making a plate of mixed greens all simultaneously. You will be free while cooking with a microwave. You can even accept that phone call while your food is being cooked in the microwave.
Foods prepared in the microwave are also said to be delicious and tasty, sometimes even more than food prepared with the normal conventional method due to how the heat in a microwave penetrates every aspect of the food you intend to prepare.

The Different Types of Microwave

Most people have always assumed that all microwaves were the same but that’s not always the case. While they all carried out some basic functions, some microwaves have been designed to carry out some extensive functions such as grilling meat, baking, and some other things you wouldn’t have imagined in a microwave.

Below are 3 different types of microwaves and what they do:

We have the Solo, Grill, and Convection microwave. Solo microwaves are viewed as essential or passage level. Grill microwaves are viewed as the following stage up. While Convection microwaves are at the top. The proper distinction between these three microwaves is the highlights, watts, and cost.

1. Solo microwave:

A solo microwave is the common level microwave as we know it. Its intended purpose is to heat foods and drinks, cook small things like noodles, and defrost solidified foods. Solo microwaves utilize electromagnetic radiation to prepare food and beverages. They can be utilized in both business and homegrown kitchens. These microwave use watts to change over energy into heat, which at that point prepares the food.


Solo microwaves have a watt range of 550 – 1500 for normal microwaves. The most well-known wattage for this microwave is 1,000 watts. Most of the time, the watts and oven limit consolidate to help decide the cost. The higher the watt, the more expensive a solo microwave will be.

Also, solo microwaves have three sorts of outward finishes: plastic, aluminium, and tempered steel. Plastic is the least expensive, followed by aluminium and hardened steel.

2. Grill microwave:

A grill or barbecue microwave as I sometimes like to call it is a microwave that gives families the flame broil taste without expecting to start up an open-air flame barbeque. A grill microwave can do everything a solo microwave can do in addition to grill pizza, fish, and chicken.

Grill microwaves can be more costly than solo microwaves, yet, more affordable than convection microwaves. The grilling highlight on these microwaves can be activated with a straightforward push of a button.

Most grill microwaves fall somewhere in the range of 900 and 1,700 watts. Like solo microwaves, the higher the watts, the quicker the cooking time. Likewise just like solo microwaves, as the watts increases, so do the oven limit and cost.

3. Convection Microwaves:

Convection microwaves incorporate the entirety of the cooking choices of solo and grill microwaves and can prepare nourishments. The convection microwave utilizes an alternate warmer and fans blend to cook the entirety of the nourishments recorded in addition to the basic duty of defrosting and warming a portion of food.

Solo and grill microwaves utilize metal boxes to guide watts toward the food to prepare. Convection microwaves, on the other hand, push heat through the microwave utilizing a fan which establishes a superior cooking climate.

Convection microwaves extend from 800 to 1,700 watts. While the watt is significant, it may not be as significant with convection ovens, in light of the fact that the cooking innovation is unique. Solo and grill microwaves skip watts to and fro, while convection ovens push heat with a fan.

It is also important to note that the theory of “watts and cost” does not apply to conventional microwaves. A conventional microwave can be expensive, yet have a small wattage. This can be due to the fact that convectional microwaves do not operate with the same principle as the solo and grill microwave option.

Solo microwaves are mostly placed on the countertops of kitchen cabinets, while the grill and convection microwaves can be placed on the countertop, floor or they can be built into the wall.

Factors to consider before buying a microwave (2024 Buyer’s Guide)

Before setting out to buy a microwave, there are some basic things to consider. They are things that would guarantee that you are making the right choice and not ending up with a microwave you would likely regret.

If you need a guide to choosing the best microwaves, you need to look at some things and see what works and what doesn’t. Some of these things worthy of note should include the following;

  • Kitchen type/size:

How large is your kitchen? This should be the first question that comes to mind before purchasing a microwave. A microwave should be able to fit into your kitchen without consuming much space you didn’t prepare for it.

  • Wattage:

As I earlier pointed out in the course of writing this article, the higher the wattage of a microwave, the less time you would spend preparing your food. If you want to save time, then you should go for a microwave with a higher wattage, although you should note as I earlier stated that more wattage means more cost, and vice-versa.

  • More programs, more fun:

Most microwaves will come with at least a Popcorn setting that permits you to prepare popcorn. The Defrost setting is another basic setting that will be found on most microwaves. At the point when you begin to search for quality microwaves, you will see a totally different scope of preset cooking alternatives to choose from. A good microwave should have at least 3 or more simple program settings.


  • Child lock:

If you have children running around the house, you should go for a microwave that comes with a child protection lock. This will help in combating any hazard, and also help you restrict the persons that use your microwave if you so choose.

  • Family size:

The bigger the household, the bigger the microwave should be. You should always consider this before making any purchase, especially if you are one that entertains visitors a lot. You can’t have a large family and have a very small microwave that would take you longer to cook large foods.

  • Durability:

A microwave that is built with strong and durable materials will serve you better and longer than any other. Before choosing a microwave, you need to know how durable it is and also if the manufacturers offer a warranty that covers you for a certain period. This can go a long way if you aren’t sure of the lifespan of the device.

Best 4 Microwaves For General Use To Buy In 2024

If you are looking for the best microwaves that tick some or all of the boxes above, you are in luck. Let me share with you 4 of the best microwaves that can be used for general things and that would serve you well and long.

Below are 4 excellent microwaves I took out time to review due to the rave of reviews they have gotten from users. Let’s check them out:

1. SHARP stainless steel countertop microwave

The SHARP stainless steel microwave comes with amazing features that will leave you in awe, especially if you know what you want from a microwave oven. Let’s see why.


  • Big capacity
  • Excellent defrosting mechanism
  • Superb wattage count at 1200 watt
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Very fair price.
Product features
  • Very spacious

The sharp stainless steel microwave is very spacious especially when you have a moderate-sized household to cater for. Its 2.2 cubic feet says it all as it fits large trays and can be used to reheat large portions of leftover foods too.

  • Superb wattage

Having a wattage of 1200 watts makes it extremely fast to execute its function of cooking.

  • One-touch controls

You are just a click away from any function this SHARP stainless steel microwave is designed for. No hassle, just click!

  • Stainless steel finish

The stainless steel finish makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain.


It will take a lot of space on the countertop it occupies which can be a problem if your kitchen is not spacious.


If this fits perfectly into the microwave specs you are searching for, click this link to be taken to the Amazon product page where you can learn more about it, see reviews and make an order.

2. GE JEM3072SHSS Capacity Countertop Microwave Oven

The GE franchise is regarded as one of the best in this business, and it’s no accident that three (3) of their microwaves make it on our list. Let’s see what this particular GE JEM3072SHSS Microwave has to offer:


  • One-touch controls
  • Very active turntable
  • It comes with a hanging kit to free up counter space
  • Child lock protection
Product features
  • Very spacious

Having a family gathering? Then the GE JEM3072SHSS is your sure plug to satisfy every mouth that needs to be fed thanks to its 0.7 cubic feet capacity. It can carry quite a large number of food containers at once and this is a good thing for many.

  • One-touch control

You can be sure to avoid accidental activation, as this feature will help to ensure that your microwave functions only when intended.

  • Hanging kit

You need not worry about the space it will occupy on your countertop. The GE JEM3072SHSS comes with a hanging kit to make room on your countertop.

  • Wattage

It comes with a wattage count of 700 watts.

  • Good turntable

The turntable rotates as the microwave functions to ensure that the heat gets to every aspect of your food.

  • Defrost

The defrosting times can be set either manually or automatically to give you the best result possible.


The manufacturers could have done better with the wattage, especially when you consider all the features available.


To make this sleek microwave yours, click this link to be taken to the amazon product page and see more about it before making your purchase.

3. GE 1.7 CU. FT. White Over-The-Range Microwave Oven

This is another master class from the GE franchise. The microwave does justice to your kitchen needs and will also improve the décor to give your kitchen a classy look and feel.


  • Good for large family gatherings
  • Hanging kit
  • Instant controls
  • Cooking reminder
  • Wide space
  • Child lock protection
  • Very beautiful
Product features
  • Very spacious

Having a space of 1.7 cubic ft. makes it very spacious for cooking for large gatherings.

  • One-touch control

If you don’t touch it, then it won’t work. This is a plus if you have had experience with microwaves that go on all by themselves even without anything inside. The one-touch control works in an instant and so you won’t delay much when you place your food in.

  • Child lock

A family that needs this size of microwave must almost certainly have kids around. The child protection feature helps to ensure that the microwave is fit for use when kids are around or available.

  • Lovely design and colour

It has a lovely design and colour that will help improve the décor in your kitchen. You will definitely love to have it around.

  • Wattage

It has a wattage of 700 which is fair enough when it comes to heating or cooking your food fast.

  • Built-in timer

It has a built-in timer that calls your attention whenever a portion of food or program has completed its task.

  • Hanger present

To ensure that it doesn’t occupy much space on your countertop, the GE JEM 3072DHWW comes with a hanger that can be used to hang the microwave above the counter.


It could do better than a 700-watt reading.GE-1.7-Cu-Ft-White-Over-The-Range-Microwave-Oven

If you want to make this handy microwave yours, simply click this link to be taken to the product page on Amazon where you’ll find more information and also place your order.

4. GE JES1095DMWW White Countertop Microwave

The last, which is definitely not the least on this list is the GE JES1095DMWW Microwave. This microwave is classy and can give you the nicest of foods you can ask for. Just like some of the GE microwaves reviewed in this list, there are some interesting things about this product which you’ll like:


  • Perfect for large families
  • Child protection lock
  • Wattage is okay 800 watts
  • Hanging kit
Product features
  • It has a large size build of about 1.1 cubic fit which is more than enough to serve a large household.
  • At 800 watt, the GE JES1095DMWW will cook your food very fast and easy.
  • Having kids around a microwave can be heart throbbing, but the GE JES1095DMWW comes with child protection lock to prevent any kind of accidents.
  • You can guarantee lots of space on your countertop despite the size by taking advantage of the over the counter hanging kit.

Some users have complained that the turntable doesn’t last as long as it should, so you might want to watch out for that aspect, and mind the weight of the food you put in it.


Click this link to be taken to the page on Amazon where you can learn more and place your order.

Answers to frequently asked questions about microwave

Just like most appliances, there must be questions on the mind of many when it comes to buying and using them. In light of that, here are answers to major questions you might have about a microwave and what they are capable of handling:

What are the general uses of a microwave?

Microwave has a lot of uses; some of which are known by all, some of which only a few people know about. Here are what microwaves can be used for generally:

  • Warming foods:

The main utilization of a microwave by a long shot is to warm or heat up food. A microwave is proficient at warming food, holds fundamental supplements and doesn’t make food wet in the process. Indeed, microwaves work incredibly in warming pretty much any sort of food.

  • Cleaning kitchen items/utensils:

You likely don’t know this, but microwaves can assist with sanitizing kitchen items, for example, plastic cutting sheets and wipes. To do this, simply absorb your wipes and cutting sheets with some lemon, squeeze and warm them in a microwave for a moment. This will both purify and aerate your kitchen things.

  • Cooking:

While a great many people typically consider their cooktops and ovens for cooking, you can really cook a ton of nourishments in your microwaves. Multifunctional microwaves can be utilized for heating, barbecuing, simmering, grilling, bubbling and steaming food items. The flexibility of a microwave permits you to do this without requiring separate kitchen appliances.

  • Warming beauty items:

Certain beauty items feel vastly improved on the skin essentially on the off chance that they are warmed up before application. You can go through a microwave to warm facial covers, hot oil moulding packs and warm gel packs effectively and safely.

  • Making citrus natural products yummy:

Another extraordinary thing you can do with a microwave is to make citrus natural products juicier. Along these lines, whenever you remove a lemon or orange from your cooler, don’t juice it right away. Microwave the organic product for only 20 seconds, and you’ll have the option to crush out significantly more liquid.

  • De-solidifying honey and similar foods:

Have you ever battled with honey that has set? Simply get your container of hardened nectar, open the top and microwave it for a moment. You’ll never need to discard nectar again! You can also do this for other things too.

How much power does a microwave use in general?

The answer to this is quite dependent on the Watts of your microwave. A 1000 watts of the microwave will consume 1000 watts of power for one hour, and when you sum that up in total for 30 days, you will get 30,000 watts per month. The bigger the wattage of a microwave, the more power it consumes. So, check the wattage of your microwave and calculate how many Watts it consumes in a period.

Can I dry herbs in a microwave?

Yes, you can dry herbs in your microwave. Microwaves can dry herbs rapidly and safely too. Nonetheless, extra attention ought to be utilized when microwave-drying on account of the danger of burning the herbs as well as starting a fire and damaging the microwave in the process.

How to go about drying herbs in a microwave

If you want to dry your herbs in your microwave, that’s easy. Here are what you should do:

  • Get the herbs or spices you want to dry and wash/rinse them. Ensure all the water is eliminated; else, they will cook and not dry in the microwave.
  • Place close to 4 or 5 spice/herb branches in the microwave, orchestrating them between 2 paper towels.
  • Microwave on HIGH for 2 to 3 minutes before removing herbs/spices from the microwave.
  • In the event that the herbs/spices are not completely dry, microwave them again on HIGH heat for an additional 30 seconds.
  • Place herbs/spices on a rack and let them cool down properly.
  • Store in an impermeable container for when you will be needing them again.
Can I dry fruits in a microwave?

Yes, you can dry your fruits in the microwave. If you have no dehydrator and you want to store some fruits (maybe seasonal fruits), then your microwave is all you need.

How to dry fruits in the microwave without a dehydrator

Following this simple process should see you through drying your fruits in the microwave. However, you should note that you would have to spend a lot more time than you normally do with your microwave most times. This should take you 25 minutes or thereabouts:

  • First, cut the natural fruits into small slices or pieces.
  • Wash and dry the pivoting plate of the microwave, as you’ll be literally setting your fruits on it.
  • Place the natural fruits that have been cut onto the microwave plate, giving them some space to breathe (in any event an inch or two).
  • Set the clock timer for 25 minutes and the heat level to MEDIUM. Allow it to gradually drain the water and dry all around.
  • Kindly remember to set the microwave to defrosting setting and not the regular kind of setting, otherwise, you will have your fruit burnt rather than dried.
Is it possible to dry foods in the microwave?

Yes, it is, however, only fruits and herbs have been successfully dried in the microwave. Other foods on the other hand such as meat are rather grilled than dried.

Can I dry beef jerky in the microwave?

Absolutely! Some have even argued that it tastes way better than the regular ones, however, that’s for you to decide. Here are some simple steps you can use to dry your beef jerky at home using your microwave:

  • Wash the neat properly and remove the excess fat from the meat.
  • Semi-freeze the meat for easy cutting.
  • Cut the meat into 1/8 inch strips.
  • Put the meat in a shallow skillet. Pour the ingredients on the meat and leave overnight in a refrigerator.
  • Spread out strips on microwave bacon rack and spread with a paper towel.
  • Cook on a high force for 2 and 1/2 minutes. Turn the strips and cook for half a minute. Keep turning the strip and cooking until meat is tender and properly cooked.
  • Take it out of the microwave and let it stand for 5 minutes before eating.
  • Have it in mind that the total cooking time may change depending on the thickness of the meat.
  • Store in containers if you want to keep it for long.

NB: If you just want to spare yourself the stress of drying your fruits, herbs, spices, meat etc, on the microwave and want an easier and better method, click this link to read how to do these with a food dehydrator and also see very good dehydrators that can do this perfectly.

Can you cook whole foods in the microwave?

Yes, you can cook whole foods in the microwave. However, most of the microwaves that can do this are called smart microwaves and come with a whole lot of options apart from cooking. Here is one that can do this perfectly – Over-The-Range Microwave Oven. With this you can cook comfortably and not worry too much.

Is roasting possible in the microwave?

Yes, it is. Like I said in the earlier portion of this article, they are called grilled microwaves and can also carry out other functions as well. A perfect example is this Samsung Microwave. You can enjoy your grilled meat indoors without even needing a grill itself.

How to use the microwave for general use

Microwaves can be used for different activities, and the best way to go about this is to diligently study the user’s manual to determine how to best achieve the purpose you seek. The manual comes with every microwave and each model has its own uses and functions and the manual is one of the most important guides to put you through this.

The easiest way to clean your microwave safely at home

Once in a while, our microwave can get dirty with food stains, odour and all. Cleaning it is quite easy but care is to be taken when doing that. Follow this simple procedure to help you clean your microwave safely at home:

  • Put some dishwashing fluid in a microwave-safe bowl and fill it with warm water.
  • Put the bowl in the microwave and run it on high for five minutes.
  • You can add an additional five minutes if you want a better result.
  • Alternatively, you can drop a slice of lime into the bowl of water and follow the same process above.
  • Take the turntable out, or leave it in; then wipe it clean with a sodden wipe and dry it with a paper towel.
  • For the body, use a wet paper towel to wipe it down to remove any stains.
  • That’s it, microwave as good as new!

Having a microwave is a basic necessity for any kitchen. It will save you lots of food waste that are gradually becoming the norm with people who don’t have a microwave. Although they may seem a little expensive, when you consider how much you stand to gain, you will see that it’s all worth it in the end.
There are no regrets with these choices. Get one today!

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