A Buyer’s Guide On How To Choose The Best Food Dehydrator In 2024

If you have ever considered getting a Food Dehydrator for yourself and enjoying the benefits that come with using dehydrators, you will need to first understand what you are getting.

Our Food Dehydrators Buyers Guide will help you avoid an expensive mistake, and hopefully answer many of your pre-purchase questions that you may have. We have also run through the top Dehydrators on the market today, in 2024.

Finally we’ve included some must-sees that will likely save you even more money, so be sure to go through our entire guide!



If you are in a hurry and just want to see the best recommendations for food dehydrators to buy in 2024, here are the top 3.

Product NamePrice
1. Stainless Steel For Food, Jerky and Fruit DehydratorLearn more on amazon
2. Ivation 10 Tray Food Dehydrator MachineLearn more on amazon
3. Magic Mill Food Dehydrator MachineLearn more on amazon

So, let’s continue.

What Is A Food Dehydrator?

A food dehydrator is a device that is designed to remove water from your food items without any damage or alteration in both the nutritional content and also the natures of such food materials. Achieving this water removal without any complaints afterwards can only be done when certain conditions are met such as the distribution of even (or balanced) airflow throughout the machine and also a constant temperature across all the trays in the dehydrator.
The sizes and power ratings of the dehydrators we are advised to purchase are mostly dependent on the quantity or volumes of materials we often process. You may, therefore, have to ascertain which will best suit you according to the uses you wish to assign it.

Benefits Of Having A Dehydrating Machine

Most people do not just wake up and choose to buy a food dehydrator. They may have known the benefits, felt the need for it or maybe saw someone using it to achieve something they would also want to do themselves.
There are great benefits attached to having a food dehydrator and so people who have seen what it can do for them and also help them achieve, have chosen to go ahead and get one. In case you aren’t aware, let me share with you the major benefits of having your very own food dehydrator at home:

  1. The need for dehydrating food items at home cannot be underestimated going by the exorbitant prices of already dried ones in the market.
  2. Foods you dehydrate yourself are way healthier than the ones displayed on the shelves in grocery stores.
    Since decay, mostly secondary to bacterial activity, can be effectively delayed or even totally stopped in the absence of water, we are somewhat compelled to have a reliable dehydrator at home for this reason. This alone can help reduce the number of foods that get spoilt over time.
  3. For those who love to try out new dishes, there are tons of recipes that you can make with some foods you dehydrate in just a few minutes.
  4. If you are into soap, cream or other skincare production, you will find out that there are some ingredients you need to dry up fast to add to your production. A dehydrator can come in handy and make things faster as opposed to relying on the sun for days to dry them up.
  5. The fact that you can now hygienically control how you dry your food is a good reason to also invest in one.

Is Getting A Food Dehydrator Worth It?

The simple answer is YES, it is totally worth it to get a food dehydrator for yourself especially in this 2024. And there are several good reasons why that is so.

For instance, it saves cost to have a personal food dehydrator since dried fruits and vegetables are much more expensive when bought from stores than when you dry them yourself.
Furthermore, as fruits and vegetables are mostly known not to have a long shelf life, the removal of their water content helps to extend their shelf lives.

Do not forget also that an important health benefit of dehydrated fruits is that they have very high fibre content that prevents constipation and indigestion as well as being low in cholesterol content. That they are low in cholesterol content means that they do not predispose their consumers to unnecessary heart challenges due to the hardening of blood vessels especially in the elderly; which leads to high blood pressure and its associated complications.

Worthy of consideration also is the fact that food items processed with a dehydrator do not suffer any denaturation that may result in any loss of their nutritional content or values and their flavours are equally preserved intact for your enjoyment.

What Are The Best Foods To Dehydrate?

It’s normal for one to wonder what kind of foods should they dehydrate when they finally get a food dehydrator. It is worthy of note that almost all foods can be dehydrated.

For starters, the best food types to dehydrate are those with a significant water content which is implicated in the putrefaction or decay of such items due to microbial degradation. Absence of moisture slows down this decay process and ultimately preserves these food items for longer periods.

Most notable among these preservable food materials that can be dehydrated include fruits, vegetables, beef or poultry flesh, banana chips, fish, bread, cheese etc. In fact, any other food variety with such moisture content that may predispose them to premature or quick decay and denaturing can be dehydrated.

In the absence of water, bacterial decay is either at least slowed or at best completely stopped since the metabolism of these destructive bacteria and other microbes are all but stopped in very dry conditions. This desiccation makes them (the microbes) inactive and thus put a check on their activities which is the logic in the science of the dehydrator.


What To Look Out For When Choosing A Good Food Dehydrator In 2024 (Buyer’s Guide)

As earlier mentioned, a comprehensive buyer’s guide can ensure you do not purchase a food dehydrator which you won’t enjoy. Before making the choice to pick any dehydrating machine, you need to look out for certain things to ensure that you are making the right choice.

There are several features that are worthy of note in order to choose a reliable food dehydrator and here are the most important ones to keep in mind:

  • Trays: The food dryer should have trays that boast of a great capacity to enable them to process a large number of food items.
  • Fans: The dehydrator should come equipped with a fan that is either mounted in a power unit or in its base which essentially allows any heated air to flow through its outer walls and across the trays in such a way that it can leave the dehydrator through its channel. This provision of air exit also has the effect of not needing to rotate the trays. Trays can thus be either stacked or removed with relative ease, which allows for the accommodation of large or small amounts of materials to dehydrate.
  • Shelves: A good dehydrator also comes with a shelf dehydrator (and not just trays) which can easily slide back and forth or in and out which creates a separate system of airflow, if the fan is mounted in the back of the unit. This mechanism allows air to move across the gadget from the back to the front in a somewhat horizontal direction that creates even dryness of food substances without the need to rotate the trays. Checking for completion of drying is thus made easier intermittently to forestall over-drying.
  • Even airflow: It is also very advisable to look out for dehydrators that are provided with even airflow mechanisms which usually come with a heating element and a fan. Some improved models are even equipped with dual fans to ensure even and faster drying of food materials. Recommended food dehydrators bear an adjustable thermostat that maintains temperatures more evenly and more effective drying. These adjustable knobs can be used to maintain, set and even change temperatures at will within a range if between ninety-five (95) to one hundred and fifty-five (125) degrees Celsius.
  • Perfect size: Choose a food dehydrator that is sizable enough to fit into the kitchen space you want to set aside for it. And it should be spacious enough to contain whatever you intend to dry without consuming extra time and energy.
  • Good design: A dehydrating machine with a good design is not a bad idea. You want to have your kitchen looking all nice and well designed each time you step into your cooking space.
  • Satisfactory: In conclusion on the choice of a reliable dehydrator, it is good to choose one that will best satisfy your personal needs based on the types and quantities of foods you may want to process regularly. In cases where you aim to monitor what you are processing, a shelving device may be your best choice and for flexibility in the capacity of the dehydrator, the gadget with stacking trays may serve you best of all.

Best Three (3) Food Dehydrator Machines To Buy In 2024

With the above guidelines in mind, you could hit the market and decide to buy a food dehydrator but end up getting confused, why? Because there are a lot of food dehydrators that fit into two or more of the points mentioned above and this can leave you wondering which is a better option. I want to take that extra stress and time it may take you to weigh the pros and cons of ALL the dehydrating machines you will find in the market.

So, here I want to share with you the best 3 food dehydrators –

  • that pass all the points listed in the guide;
  • the ones that are quality enough to last you as long as possible (provided you maintain it well);
  • dehydrators which a lot of users have come back to give wonderful and positive feedback about;
  • and of course, the ones that can fit into anyone’s budget while also providing the best, satisfactory service at each and every use.

Trust me, you would be marvelled by their features, customers’ reviews, quality and prices. Let’s run them down:

  1. Ivation 10 Tray Food Dehydrator Machine


This particular dehydrator has many attributes that set it out among others of its kind. Here are a few things that would catch your fancy about it:

  • To start with, it is provided with a one thousand Watts coil (1000W) which makes it powerful enough to process large quantities of products/foods without overheating or having any susceptibility to damage.
  • It is also quite easy to set up after purchase and even without expert help. This is made possible especially
  • since it comes with a user’s manual meant for just this purpose among others.
  • You are sure of an adjustable temperature regulator and timer that are provided conspicuously to enable you to set it up as you may wish.
  • Additionally, its dryer is suitable for products like meat, beef, fruits and vegetables.
Features of the food dehydrator:

To ensure that this dehydrating machine gives you ultimate experience and satisfaction in drying, it has the following additional features you will love:

  • An automatic fan mounted on its rear that effectively circulates warm air and hence, guarantees even dryness of your produce/food in all directions.
  • The six trays provided in it are quite large and spacious to allow you dehydrate whatever you may wish and in reasonable bulk. The trays can be removed where necessary to make room for thick slices of whatever food you are trying to dehydrate.
  • To ensure that there is no corrosion, premature decay or loss of appeal; its body parts are made from stainless steel to ensure durability and also add a touch of fanciness to it. This feature also ensures that it protects your food from harmful toxins.
  • The dehydrator bears a temperature and digital timer with a wide range that can be set to turn off the gadget whenever required.
  • This dehydrator is very easy to clean since the stainless steel trays and the accompanying drip tray at its bottom are both easily removable prior to washing. It can also be washed with the aid of a washing machine since its component parts are dishwasher friendly for your convenience.


This dehydrator in all its full glory can be bought on Amazon by clicking this link. There you would also see more interesting details, price and reviews from people who have used it.

  1. Magic Mill Food Dehydrator Machine


This dehydrator machine, like most others, is also very easy to set up especially with reference to the accompanying manual which is totally easy to follow.

It is provided with a digital adjustable timer and a temperature regulator as well. All these can ensure that your drying foods are timed to dry with perfection.

The machine is designed to process items like jerky, herbs, meat, beef, fruits and even vegetables. And of course, it is made with quality and attractive features that make it a must-have in most kitchens.


Some of its amazing features include:

  • It has seven stainless steel trays that make it possible to process large volumes of foods/fruits with ease and in record time too.
  • This dehydrator is provided with such a fan that ensures adequate airflow for even drying of all portions of your foods without the stress of having to rotate the shelves; a process that will otherwise not only make drying very tiresome but also time consuming and boring.
  • The adjustable temperature and digital timer will let you know when the process is completed and will also turn off the dehydrator automatically to guard against over-drying and damage of your food items.
  • The dehydrator is suitably equipped with seven adjustable trays each measuring thirteen by twelve inches to enable you to process more quantity of substances in a single attempt.
  • Cleaning is also made much simplified since the dishwasher safe trays and their accompanying housing are not only easily removable but can also be dusted clean with any moist clean cloth. You also have the option of using the dishwasher for this purpose.
  • It is also reputed to have a feature that ensures safety first by having an over-heating protection mechanism in-built in it.


This product and all its component parts, for either repairs or replacements whenever needed, can easily be bought on Amazon by clicking this link. Also, you will see the price, reviews and more details there.

  1. Stainless Steel For Food, Jerky and Fruit Dehydrator


This is a professional food, fruit, jerky maker & dryer with easily adjustable temperature control and timer. It has got good points on it and is like most people’s first choice. It is built on the name of a reputable brand and sure, it has got a very standard quality that sets it apart from the others.


Other very desirable features this food dehydrator has, which is unlike others of its kind include:

  • Ten trays and a single drip tray that is reputed to be large capacity and also low energy consuming varieties made up of stainless steel to prevent rusting and untimely ageing.
  • The dehydrator can provide sufficient space to process all sorts of food items ranging from vegetables, fruits, herbs, meat, fish, shrimp, bread, mushrooms to numerous other things easier and much quicker than most of its competitors.
  • It is designed in such a way that it can lock up the vitamins and mineral contents in your food to protect them from undue destruction and denaturing while drying for effective nutrition.
  • The heating power is rated at about one thousand Watts (1000 Watts) which is suitable for voluminous products. It also has a seven-inch rear-mounted cooling system for excellent horizontal airflow to effectively make the jerky maker much more useful.
  • This dehydrator is said to provide a free recipe that is capable of processing up to sixty-seven types of ingredients, for complete enjoyment of handmade drying.
  • The installed LED Smart Panel Operation allows you to set the timer of the dryer for up to twenty-four hours with a temperature range of between thirty (30) to ninety (90) degrees Celsius. Temperatures can also be set to run on degrees Fahrenheit if you prefer it that way.
  • The stainless steel components and glass window confer on it a durability which is more than most other dehydrating machines in the market. While the glass window also gives you the opportunity to monitor your drying efficiency on the go. These are cool features that would make your drying experience a smooth one.
  • With this dehydrator, cleaning is made easier since the parts are machine-wash friendly and can also be cleaned with the aid of a clean piece of cloth or towel soaked in water.
  • If you are making an online purchase, there is a good guarantee on the machine. There could be damage to the product which can be due to conveyance or shipment across long distances after purchase. For this reason, defective products can either be replaced or fully refunded for, on request as outlined in the warranty and guarantee agreements that cover the purchase of this dehydrator. Additionally, where the item is no longer wanted, after purchase for whatever reason, a refund can be made in full on request, provided the item is in good shape and the casing/tags are intact.


This product and all those parts which may be required for repairs and replacement subsequently can readily be bought by clicking this Amazon link. Do well to check for more detail and read other users’ reviews before purchasing.


It is necessary to have a good food dehydrator at home which is equipped to satisfy your everyday needs. That is the purpose for which this post is written and you stand to avoid any after-purchase regrets if you read it with diligence.
You sure would be glad if you are able to let this buyer’s guide help you choose, or simply go ahead with any of the above 3 recommendations.
It is equally very interesting to know that all of these dehydrators are not only easy to clean, but are also quite simple to operate with great benefits to us.

Feel free to share any experience you may have with any food dehydrator you have used.

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