What To Serve With Duck Confit? 9 Side Dishes & Sauces Ideas

Duck confit a.k.a. confit de canard is a tasty dish. This French dish can be served with various types of side dishes.

What to serve with duck confit?

Duck confit or confit de canard can be served with green salad or potatoes as side dishes. For the sauce, you can try sauces with a bright taste such as redcurrant sauce, orange sauce, or even cherry sauce.

Duck confit is a special dish that can be served as a family dinner.

You can adjust the side dishes to your family’s favorite.

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What Is Duck Confit?

Duck confit is a French dish that is made by cooking a whole duck in its rendered fat. Besides duck fat, you can also use other fat such as olive oil or a combination of both.

The word confit is believed to come from the French word confire, which means to preserve.

Confit is a technique to cook an ingredient in fat. A confit can be made of fruits, vegetables, and meat. However, duck confit is one of the most popular ones.

Duck confit is tender, moist, and delicious.

And yes, since it’s a confit, duck confit can last for a few weeks, if not months if you store it well in a refrigerator.

Reheating is an important process to do before serving.

To make the dish pleasantly warm and to make the skin crispy, usually, duck confit is broiled at high temperature or pan-fried quickly before being served.

What To Serve With Duck Confit?

Mashed Potatoes

what to serve with duck confit?

Imagine the delicacy: tender, moist, delicious duck meat with its crispy skin combined with a creamy, soft mashed potato.

Pairing your duck confit with mashed potatoes is a wonderful idea!

You can use regular potatoes or sweet potatoes to craft the dish.

Herb Roasted Potatoes

what to serve with duck confit?

Now if you want some potatoes to be served with your duck but you don’t have much time for preparation, you can cook roasted potatoes instead.

You can just slice or cube-cut the potatoes (you can use baby potatoes!), sprinkle them with olive oil, chopped herbs, salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and then roast them.

While the potatoes are roasted you can take your time to do something else.

Duck-Fat Rice

Remember that a duck confit is cooked in duck fat?

Actually, after cooking a duck confit, you can reuse the fat to cook another cuisine, such as duck-fat rice!

The combination of duck confit and duck-fat rice is wonderful and perfect for duck-meat lovers.

Mixed Salad

Salad is a simple dish that you can serve with duck confit.

It’s a healthier option that is easy and quick to make.

You can make bitter Greek salad, Asian salad, arugula-and-tomato salad, or any other salad that your family love!

Salad doesn’t only add fiber to your overall dinner, it also gives vibrant color to improve the appetite!

Winter Bean Soup

A bowl of soup can be an option to eat with a slice of duck confit if you want something warm on a cold night.

The combination of winter bean soup and duck confit has a complex, delicious flavor.

Don’t forget to include the crispy duck skin when serving. It makes the whole food so much more wonderful!

Braised French Green Lentils

You can combine the French dish of duck confit with French green lentils.

French green lentils a.k.a. puy lentils is a variety of small lentils with green or grey color and a bit of peppery flavor.

How to make braised puy lentils:

  1. On a saucepan, saute onion, garlic, and carrot
  2. Add rinsed lentils and your favorite stock
  3. Add some black pepper ground
  4. Simmer until the lentils are soft
  5. Add lemon juice and olive oil
  6. Serve

Cherry Sauce

If you want to pair your duck confit with a sauce, cherry sauce can be an option.

Top your piece of duck confit with sour cherry sauce and serve it with vegetable salad.

Together they can make a complex, tasty flavor and beautiful color combination!

Cranberry Sauce

Just like cherry sauce, cranberry sauce is another way to give your duck confit some pleasant sourness.

The two of them look similar, but the taste is slightly different.

So, if you prefer a reddish-purple sauce with sourness, you can pick either cherry sauce or cranberry sauce for your duck confit.

Orange Sauce

Last but not least, you can serve duck confit with orange sauce.

Orange sauce has sourness, but it tastes different from cranberry or cherry sauce.

The look is different too.

An orange sauce can vary in color from bright orange (or yellow) into brownish, depending on other ingredients included during the making.

If you want to use an orange sauce, attempt to make the bright one so the yellowish color can make a good companion for the golden-brown duck confit.

Place some cuts of duck confit on a plate, top it with bright orange sauce, and place orange slices around it.

Final Thought

Duck confit is a wonderful dish that can be served in different ways, according to your preference.

When serving your duck confit, do not only consider the taste, but also the overall color of it. Because color can affect the appetite!

You can serve duck confit with carbs (potato or rice), vegetable salad, winter bean soup, braised lentils, or even sour sauces.


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What To Serve With Duck Confit? 9 Side Dishes & Sauces Ideas


  • mashed potato

  • herb-roasted potato

  • duck-fat rice

  • mixed salad

  • winter bean soup

  • braised french green lentils

  • cherry sauce

  • cranberry sauce

  • orange sauce


  • Pick your favorite idea from the list
  • Gather the ingredients and prepare the dish
  • Serve it with duck confit and enjoy!
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