10 Easy Minimalism Hacks That Are Actually Life-Changing


So here is the typical life of a human being: They were born with nothing in their hands. Then somebody gives them clothes. Then somebody gives them a pack of toys.

Then they grow up and go to school. Then they have bags and shoes and books and papers. Then they grow older. Then they have cars. Then they own more stuff. Then they think about how to prevent or fix the problems on their stuff. Then they fall in love. Then they marry. Then they have kids.

Then they need to think about somebody else’s stuff. Then they have grandkids. Then the life goes on with more complexity.

Did you realize? The older you get the more complicated your life gets. It’s natural. Even when you don’t have a car, even when you don’t have kids, even when you have less stuff than your friends do, your life still grow to be more complicated.

It’s already complicated without you being trying. So why don’t you decide to live simply? There is no reason to add any complication to life.

And that is why I would like to share you some easy hacks to help you get a simple life.

The ultimate way to live simpler is to embrace minimalism. And here are the ultimate hacks to live the minimalist lifestyle:

Do It Now

Delaying a task won’t delete the obligation of doing it. You still need to do that no matter what.

A delayed task today will only give you a frustration tomorrow. The more delayed task you have the more frustration you compile.

So, never do tomorrow what you can do today.

Apply this simple trick for a whole week and feel how amazing your life becomes.


1 In 1 Out

If you put something in, take something out.

So if you let a new chair enters your home, pick one of your old chairs and donate it/throw it away.

Apply this philosophy continuously so you can avoid building any clutter for your home.


Wear it or lose it

Minimalism is about decluttering. One of the most cluttered thing in our life is wardrobe or closet.

So, walk to your closet with a big cardboard box.

Pick one item at a time and ask yourself: does it fit me? did I use it these past 12 months? do I really love it?

If the answers are all NO, just throw that thing to your cardboard box.

Repeat this trick for every single item you have in your closet. Keep only the clothes you really need and you really use.


Keep your workspace clear

The next part which has so much stuff in our life is our workspace.

If you’ve worked paperless, that’s great! Because a lot of US forest cut every year to create paper.

Beside decluttering the paper, you really need to pay attention to other details such as decorations or a flower or extra furniture you haven’t used for months. Declutter the things you don’t need.

By giving yourself a pleasant zone to work you will be able to skyrocket your productivity.

Simplify Your Wallet

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Keep your wallet simple.

Start using debit card if you haven’t.

Avoid using a credit card unless it’s really really urgent.

Also do your best to avoid cash unless you don’t have other choices. Cash made of paper and paper is the clutter-maker.

Oh, and did you realize? Trading cash means trading bacteria too. You never know where did it come from and what microorganism sticks there.


Create A Clutter-Free Zone

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A clutter-free zone is a relaxing zone. It’s a zone of convenience. It’s a zone of quality living. You can do almost anything in this place.

Don’t forget to read 7 Practical Steps to Declutter Your Entire Home in A Week

Shop Wisely

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Practice intentional shopping.

When you wanna pick something from the store, ask yourself, is it something you really really need or is it only something cute you can’t resist to leave?

See how to shop like a true minimalist here


Embrace Ergonomic Design

If you have a chance to buy a new furniture or re-design your apartment interior, consider choosing the simple design. You can do this trick by picking only the items that don’t have “useless add-ons”.

Well, art is beautiful, but you can choose simple elegant art for your furniture instead of the bulky ones.


Goodbye, Plastic Bags!

Plastic bag is not registered in minimalism lifestyle.

So, if you have a pile of plastic bags in your house, use them as garbage bags.

If you go shopping, always use a reusable fabric bag. If someone offers you a new plastic bag, politely say no.


Put Down Your Phone for A While

Turn down the notifications. It’s disturbing and sometimes frustrating.

Of course, you need to check your phone regularly, but not every single minute.

If it’s hard for you to put your phone in a silent mode, you can try to turn down the notifications for messages and social media only but let the call notification rings.

Life is already complicated without you being trying. So why don’t you practice those simple hacks above to enjoy the great result of simple living?




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