10 Minimalist Living Tips

Minimalist lifestyle has been a popular trend lately. This simple kind of living offers amazing benefits for life.

Imagine your life as a minimalist. You will be able to…

Gain more space. Minimalism teaches us to stay away from clutter. So anything that doesn’t bring benefits for our life should be thrown away. It includes furniture, appliances, cooking utensils, and clothes that are broken or have not been used for years. That’s why minimalism let us gain more space.

Gain more time. Fewer things you have means less time you need to organize them (and clean them!). You can allocate that time for a family gathering or other things that truly bring positive value to your life.

Gain more energy. Stop doing exhausting tasks to reorganize clutter. All this time you might be re-organizing things because you were looking for space. By living minimally, your simple space should not force you to do such annoying tasks.

Save more money. When you shop minimally you also spend minimally. Precious pennies saved!

Reduce stress. Did you realize that fewer things you own mean less responsibility you bear? Less responsibility to bear means less frustration.

Isn’t that awesome?!

And that is why I would like to share with you some easy hacks to help you get a simple life.

And here are simple living tips you should practice to kickstart your minimalist lifestyle!

Don’t delay

Delaying a task WILL NOT delete the obligation of doing it. You need to do the task no matter what.

A delayed task today will only give you a frustration tomorrow. The more delayed task you have the more frustration you compile.

So, never do tomorrow what you can do today.

Apply this simple trick for a whole week and feel how amazing your life becomes.

1 In 1 Out

If you put something in, take something out.

So if you let a new shirt enters your closet, pick one of your old clothes and donate it/throw it away.

Apply this philosophy continuously so you can avoid building any clutter inside your home.

Wear it or lose it

One of the most cluttered thing in our life is the wardrobe or closet.

So, walk to your closet with a big cardboard box.

Pick one item at a time and ask yourself: does it fit me? did I use it these past 12 months? do I really love it?

If the answers are all NO, just throw that thing into your cardboard box.

Repeat this trick for every single item you have in your closet. Keep only the clothes you really need and you really use.

Keep your workspace clear

The next part which has so much stuff in our life is our workspace.

If you’ve been working paperless to this day, that’s awesome!

Beside decluttering the paper, you really need to pay attention to other details such as decorations or a flower or extra furniture you haven’t used for months. Declutter the things you don’t need.

By giving yourself a pleasant zone to work you will be able to skyrocket your productivity.


Simplify Your Wallet

Keep your wallet simple.

Start using a debit card if you haven’t.

Card makes payment simple. Card makes your wallet simple too because it’s thin and it’s not bulky.

Cash is important too. Bring some cash for unexpected situations.

But always choose the cashless payment method when you can.

Create A Clutter-Free Zone

A floor lamp against a pastel green wall

A clutter-free zone is a relaxing zone. It’s a zone of convenience. It’s a zone of quality living. You can do almost anything in this place.

Does your beloved home contain too much clutter? Click here to see how to declutter your entire home in a week


Shop Wisely

Practice intentional shopping.

If you want to pick something from the store, ask yourself, is it something you really really need or is it only something cute you can’t resist to leave?

Click here to learn how to shop like a minimalist.

Embrace Ergonomic Design

If you have a chance to buy a new furniture or re-design your apartment interior, consider choosing the simple design. You can do this trick by picking only the items that don’t have “useless add-ons”.

Well, art is beautiful, but you can choose simple elegant art for your furniture instead of the bulky ones.

Goodbye, Plastic Bags!

The plastic bag is not registered in the minimalist lifestyle.

So, if you have a pile of plastic bags in your house, use them as garbage bags.

If you go shopping, always use a reusable fabric bag. If someone offers you a new plastic bag, politely say no.

Put Down Your Phone for A While

Of course, you need to check your phone regularly, but not every single minute.

If it’s hard for you to put your phone in a silent mode, you can try to turn down the notifications for messages and social media only but let the call notification rings.

Life is already complicated without you being trying. So why don’t you practice those simple tips above and enjoy the simple living?

Good luck with your minimalism journey!

All the best,



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  1. This is so simple yet so powerful. Thank you, I’m getting married in 2020 so I’ve been teaching my boyfriend to buy things we really need, not stuff just for pleasure or wanting them in the spot. He’s been really awesome about this, so thumbs up for me, hehe.

    Thank you for this post.

  2. Great tips, however, paper money is important to have on hand for emergencies or when cards cannot be accepted. Carry hand sanitizer if you are concerned about germs and microbes on it.

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